Great Lakes Ocean Love

Posted by: Kelly Malinowsky

Almost two months ago today I accomplished a life-long dream that I have had for over 24 years: to live by the ocean.  After a week’s long drive from Michigan, I turned onto the 101 and stole my first glimpse of my dream, accomplished. The dark-blue and teal tides waved as I continued to my new home in Monterey. The saltwater scent rushed into the car as I inched closer.  Arriving three blocks away from the ocean, I hurried down to the shore and tasted the salty water in disbelief. After 24 years, I had made it!

Monterey, CA

Growing up in Michigan, frequent trips to the Great Lakes nurtured my love for water. Many summers were spent vacationing alongside Lake Huron’s shores with family in Port Austin, Michigan’s “tip of the thumb.”  When I saw the ocean for the first time, at age 5 with my mom in the Bahamas, the vastness of the ocean amazed me. We swam with dolphins and I instantly decided to become a Marine Biologist. I couldn’t wait to discover what other amazing life forms existed below the seemingly simple surface.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Now living in Monterey, with my home three blocks from the ocean, I feel a completeness that I never had before, even while living close to the Great Lakes. There is something to be said about the human connection to the ocean, a feeling of connectedness, of calmness, of completeness.

Surrounded by an ocean-conscious community, I have learned of the many threats our oceans face today, that need immediate attention, and affect so much life that we as humans haven’t even discovered yet (let alone our own).  When I think of my personal connection with the ocean, and all of the present-day issues facing our oceans due to human behavior, I feel an urgency to act.

Though I am two years away from working on ocean conservation as a career, there are things I can do now, small steps YOU can take every day, to improve the health of our oceans. Buy ocean-friendly seafood, educate yourself on these very real, immediate ocean issues, reduce your carbon footprint, and energy-use, use fewer plastic products and help keep our beaches clean, and support organizations working to protect the ocean, and take action!

Most importantly, take a walk down to the beach, put your feet in the sand, breathe in the air, and think of your own personal connection to the ocean. What can you do today to ensure future generations can have this same experience?

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