Political Power for the Oceans

Posted by: Chris Laughlin

ELECTIONS MATTER, as we like to say often at Ocean Champions.   Building political power for the oceans means getting involved in electoral politics – financially supporting and endorsing champions in Congress that will fight for ocean health, and working with them to advance pro-ocean policy.  It also means defeating ocean enemies.

We’re thankful to Clare Leschin-Hoar for drawing attention to what we’re doing at Ocean Champions and spreading this message in her blog post yesterday.  This is a message that must be heard, and, who better to hear it from than Ocean Champions’ President and Co-Founder, David Wilmot.  Excerpt from Clare’s blog, “Many that support us don’t love the political dynamics today, but they recognize that if you want to have an impact on public policy, the way you do that is to reward those who help you, make sure they’re elected, and make sure they’re there to fight for you,” Wilmot tells TakePart.  “It’s just not enough to have the science and to spread the message.  You mush have added that additional layer of direct political engagement.”

If we want healthy oceans, healthy marine life, healthy sustainable seafood, thriving coastal communities and jobs, we must elect those who will champion ocean health in Congress and fight for pro-ocean policy, and, we must defeat ocean enemies.  We can never forget that the ocean provides half of the oxygen we need to breathe  – just that alone is worth fighting for, don’t you think?

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