Election Update: The Akin Effect on Oceans?

Posted by: Mike Dunmyer

As you know, the big news this week was Congressman / Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s – shall we say unenlightened – comments on women.  The blowback was deservedly huge, with Republican Party leadership calling for him to step out of the race (which he summarily rejected).  The immediate effect on his own race was big. Polling has had him slightly ahead of incumbent Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill since March, but a Rasmussen poll conducted just after Akin’s comments showed McCaskill up 48 – 38.

The issue (and opinion) Akin expressed appears to be sticky and is becoming a problem for GOP candidates in other races (BTW, if you want to see Akin’s equally uninformed views on climate change, click here).  We don’t know yet whether this will impact any of the races where we’ve endorsed a Democratic candidate against a far right Republican, but we’ll be watching.

Quick update on the New Mexico Senate race (on which we’re heavily engaged):  Congressman Martin Heinrich continues to receive good news.  Despite even more SuperPAC attacks, a Rasmussen poll that came out this week again shows him to be up 48 – 41 against former Governor Heather Wilson.  This was confirmed by an internal poll, which had Congressman Heinrich up 51 – 44.

No other new polls of note have come out, but as a quick aside, if you don’t think elections matter for the oceans, check out this Op Ed by Gulf fisherman Jim Clements.  Mr. Clements has picked up on our tag for Congressman Steve Southerland, calling him Ocean Enemy #1, and outlining some of the bad stuff he’s done on fish issues lately.  Think how much better we’d be if Florida’s second district had a good ocean Rep in place instead of Mr. Southerland…

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