Posted by: Jack Sterne

Like the bad guy from the Friday the 13th movies who just wouldn’t die, the move to lift the moratorium on new offshore oil drilling is back from the dead. And now it’s even uglier, because it’s become a presidential campaign issue.

As a general rule, Ocean Champions avoids playing in presidential politics, but this week Sen. John McCain called for the lifting of the 26-year old moratorium on offshore drilling.

For someone who is supposedly trying to separate himself from President Bush’s policies, this certainly looks like more of the same: drill our way out of high oil prices and global warming be damned.

It’s hard to see how someone who supposedly takes the threat of climate change seriously, and has been a proponent of cap-and-trade legislation, would call for such a backwards policy. Calling for more production of fossil fuels, especially in sensitive areas like the ocean, does nothing to help wean us from our fossil fuel addiction.

What’s even more craven, as makes clear, is that lifting the ban on offshore drilling does absolutely nothing to help consumers with gas prices in the short term, and is unlikely to produce any new oil for at least seven to ten years. And that estimate comes directly from the American Petroleum Institute.

Moreover, a shortage of offshore drilling ships makes it even less likely that new drilling could happen even if areas were open.

It’s also apparent that this has been some kind of coordinated campaign strategy, with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R), President Bush, and Sen. McCain all flip-flopping on this issue within two days of each other.

In short, as this piece on Countdown with Keith Olbermann makes clear, this is the elevation of politics over policy, and it’s particularly disappointing from Sen. McCain, who has made his reputation as a maverick who bucks special interests.

The good news is that the leadership in the House is committed to keeping the moratorium in place, and attempts to lift it may not even get out of committee. We’ll be working with our champions to make sure that commitment stays strong.

Date Posted: June 19, 2008 @ 4:09 pm

Posted by: Joanna

JoannaGrowing up, my family went to the beach every summer, at least once. My parents always stressed the importance of respecting the ocean and all that call it home. I have always felt a connection to the ocean, so when I heard about Ocean Champions, I was all aboard! The site had a contest to win a trip to Mexico, and the requirement to enter was something that I was glad to do, and most likely would have done anyway–tell my friends about the site.

Welllll, Mexico was great! Casa Viva in Troncones was an eco-friendly resort with a great respect for the water it looked out upon. I was impressed with the whole town–all 400 people. They seemed to have a great respect for the place they call home.

I loved searching the tide pools for sea life, strolling along the beach admiring the beautiful and awe-inspiring view, and playing in the surf. I am inspired by Ocean Champions to keep on keepin’ on with their bi-partisan work for a healthier planet! I am truly lucky to be a part of Ocean Champions!!

Date Posted: June 18, 2008 @ 1:27 pm

Posted by: Chris Laughlin

Have you seen these scary images of the plastic soup out there? The way it’s choking magnificent marine wildlife to death?
If your reading this you must care about the oceans. So, come on and join me on a mission and let’s pledge to find and use alternatives to these suffocating plastics!
How about this for some anti-plastic-soupy alternatives: start using water bottles such as Klean Kanteen & Sigg, BYO (bring your own) canvas bags to grocery stores, mason jars or coffee mugs for beverages to go, your own food containers for the salad bar or eating out. And, while we’re at it, let’s choose products that are organic and

Are you with me? I’d love to hear some of your ideas.

Date Posted: June 6, 2008 @ 11:30 am