Ocean Health = Human Health (so let’s swim, run and bike!)

Posted by: Mike Dunmyer

Max the Ocean Champion dog says, "There's nothing like running on the beach!"

Max the Ocean Champion dog says, "There's nothing like running on the beach!"

Ocean Champions is proud to announce that we have signed on as the presenting sponsor for the Long Bay Triathlon, to be held October 10th at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina.  The Long Bay Triathlon will allow athletes to choose from from a sprint distance race, (a .5 mile swim, a 15 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run) or a half iron man (1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run) with ocean, beach, trail and road sections.  Ocean Champions believes that ocean health is closely linked to human health, and sponsoring this triathlon is a great way to demonstrate that connection.

In addition to sponsoring the race, two Ocean Champions staffers (me and Chris Laughlin) will be competing.  Of course, as soon as Chris and I committed to the event, our competitive juices flared up, and the taunting began.  Chris thinks just because she is younger, faster, better conditioned and possesses a wide array of super powers, that she’ll be able to leave me in the dust.  I know, however, that old age and treachery are fabulous substitutes for her obvious advantages and am hoping that my edge in buoyancy will carry the day!

Regardless of who wins, the event will be a lot of fun, and we hope many of you will enter the race with us.  We’d love the chance to meet more of our friends in the community – you could choose to run in the front (with me) or way in the back (with Chris)!   offers a beautiful venue for the event, and you can round out your weekend there with camping, kayaking and birding.  At this point, you’ve got 253 days to train, so there are no excuses!

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Stormy Capitola Beach

Posted by: Chris Laughlin

Winter is ON!  Last week was wild weather-wise here on the central coast (and most of California).  Thousands without power, tornado warnings, flooding, thunderstorms rattling businesses and households.  Here’s a photo of Capitola beach (what beach?!) last week one block from Ocean Champions West Coast Headquarters.


“How inappropriate to call this Planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.” - Arthur C. Clarke

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What You Can Do To End Overfishing

Posted by: Mike Dunmyer


Stephen McGowan, Australian Maritime College, 2006/Marine Photobank

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to wrangle an invite to a small, local screening of the movie, “The End of the Line.” As many of you may know, this well-reviewed documentary dives deep into how current fishing practices are decimating nearly all the world’s fisheries, leading to the scientifically supported conclusion that if we continue at this pace, nearly all seafood will be gone by 2048.  The film was fabulous, and I encourage everyone to buy the DVD when it becomes available in the U.S.

The evening was rounded out by a wonderful dinner at Blue Ridge, one of D.C.’s best sustainable seafood / locally sourced restaurants, and a Q&A session with Charles Clover, the force behind the movie and the book of the same name.  The Q&A focused on the challenges of ending overfishing, which segued naturally to .

By rating restaurants based on their sustainable practices, Charles wants to help channel customers (and thus $$) to the good establishments and away from the bad ones.  If the concept gets big enough, it could temper demand for overfished species and thus provide some relief.  It could also create a driver for better management of all fisheries.  Of note, Fish2Fork employs a Wiki-type approach where about the restaurants they attend.  Hopefully, this will bring broad coverage of many areas and restaurants.

These things don’t happen overnight, and they don’t happen without grassroots support.  So please check out the Fish2Fork website and provide your input on good and bad restaurants in your area.  Tell your friends to do the same, and begin the habit of checking Fish2Fork before planning a dinner out.  Vote with your wallet by patronizing the restaurants with the best sustainable practices.

Overfishing has catastrophic impacts on the health of our oceans.  In addition to threatening individual species, it fractures the food web and upsets the natural balance between species, causing further harm (see: Toxic Algal Blooms).  To solve the problem, it’ll be important to enforce U.S. fisheries law (Magnuson-Stevens), and to apply innovative fisheries management techniques like catch shares.  Real change starts with all of us though, and Fish2Fork offers a way to support these programs with appropriately directed consumer demand.

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Jan. 13th – Wear Blue Day Events

Posted by: Chris Laughlin

Support a national ocean policy by wearing blue January 13th!  Show the Obama Administration you support national policy that protects, maintains and restores ocean, coasts and Great Lakes ecosystems.

So far rallies and events for January 13th have been planned for .  You can learn more about them and plan your own blue event at:  wearblueforoceans.org

Check out the Wear Blue Facebook and Wear Blue Twitter pages.

Spread the word champs!


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