No lines, no parking, healthy oceans: the perfect eco-gift

Posted by: Sam Meehan

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone (blue is more our color anyway), but if you resisted the urge to get trampled while looking for marked-down toasters and plasma TVs at 4 AM, not to worry! You can still get a great gift for your friends and family without the added insanity of post-Thanksgiving shopping. Without leaving your computer, you can give your loved ones the gift of an Ocean Champions membership.

Everyone loves the ocean, and your thoughtful gift will not only bring joy to the lucky recipient, but every dollar will go to helping preserve ocean habitats and fighting for a strong ocean policy in DC. For as little as $25 dollars per year, new members will receive exclusive access to our website’s member area, where they can connect with other Ocean Champions, email updates on our events and activities, download ocean themed wallpapers and e-cards, and the satisfaction of helping protect our oceans. In addition to being great gifts, memberships are easy to give! Just click here to sign up your new Ocean Champion, and enter their name, email, and address in the “In Honor of” section, and we’ll handle the rest. Instead of another electronic gizmo, necktie, or (heaven forbid) fruitcake, give those closest to you the gift of clean, healthy oceans!

Happy Holidays!

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Posted by: Mike Dunmyer

Recently, David Wilmot and I had the opportunity to get a tour of the Marine Mammal Center just outside San Francisco.  I was incredibly impressed with the facility itself, which has grown significantly from humble roots, and with the great work they’re doing there.  The Center rescues, rehabilitates and releases stranded or injured marine mammals, focusing on pinnapeds (elephant seals, sea lions and harbor seals), and they’re responsible for 600 miles of northern California’s coast.  Soon their geographic scope will increase further, as they’re expanding to Hawaii to care for endangered monk seals.

Over the course of an average year, they might hospitalize and treat 500 injured animals.  Not surprisingly, the number of patients is increasing, and recently they’ve treated as many as 1700 animals in a year.  In a very real way, these animals are sentinel species for ocean health (and for human health issues as well).  Many of the hospitalizations are due to injuries from marine debris, toxic buildup from feeding on mercury-laden fish, and to epilepsy caused by toxic algal blooms.

The great work the Marine Mammal Center does is a result of many factors, including the generosity of donors – large and small – and the strong leadership of its Board and Executive Director Jeff Boehm.  It also comes from a passionate and committed volunteer force.  Currently, about 1,000 volunteers carry out a wide array of duties that range from leading tours, cleaning the facilities and feeding the animals, all the way to conducting basic medical procedures and rescuing the stranded animals. Truly incredible stuff.

You can help support their work by clicking here.

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