Earth Day Aloha to our Newest Champion Mazie Hirono

Posted by: Chris Laughlin

On Earth Day, we recommit to protecting our precious planet and glorious Mother Ocean. 

In that light, we are proud to announce our endorsement of .  Congresswoman Hirono knows that clean water, healthy beaches, sustainable fisheries and thriving coral reefs are not just important on Earth Day; they’re a part of Hawaii’s cultural heritage and are necessary for a healthy state economy.

As a member of the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Hirono has cosponsored legislation to prevent expanded offshore drilling, clean up ocean garbage, and protect coral reefs.  She supports implementation of the National Ocean Policy and cosponsored its legislative precursor, Oceans-21, because she knows that improved ocean governance is needed to protect, maintain and restore ocean and coastal resources for the future.  Congresswoman Hirono is also active in the House Ocean Caucus, and the Congressional Marine Sanctuary Caucus, demonstrating an ability to work across the aisle to find common ground on important issues.

As the Congresswoman noted, “For hundreds of years, Native Hawaiians relied upon the Pacific Ocean to develop a sustainable way of life.  Unfortunately, Hawaii has strayed from this wise use of our ocean resources, and we have become too dependent on other countries and the mainland for our food and our energy.  Like Ocean Champions, I am committed to a more sustainable and secure Hawaii future that supports our local fishing industry and wisely invests in home-grown energy sources including ocean energy, biofuels and wind.  I welcome the endorsement of an esteemed group like Ocean Champions, which clearly understands the importance of sustainable ocean ecosystems that promote the well-being of the people of Hawaii and reduce our dependence on foreign countries.”

In addition to her strong track record, the Congresswoman is a very effective legislator, and we’re confident that she’ll rise quickly in the Senate to provide the leadership needed to protect clean coastal water, thriving fisheries and healthy coral reefs.

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