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2010 dates to remember

Posted by: Chris Laughlin


Ocean champs, wanted to share with you some of the upcoming events and awareness days in 2010 - mark your calendars!  Please feel free to share in the comments other relevant dates you know of and we’ll add it to the list:

January 13th - Wear Blue for Oceans Day (thanks to everyone for supporting this awareness day for our National Ocean Policy!)

February 12th -LAST DAY to

March 22nd -

April 22nd -

June: National Oceans Month

June 5th -

June 8th - World Ocean Day

June 8th - 11th -

June 20th - International Surfing Day

August 25th - 29th -

September 21 - Ocean Champions Annual DC Reception

October 10 - Long Bay Triathlon, South Carolina - sponsored by Ocean Champions

November 2 - Election Day - help us keep and elect Ocean Champions in Congress!

Date Posted: February 1, 2010 @ 12:02 pm


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