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Fatally Consistent HABs

Posted by: Chris Laughlin


One of my favorite sea critters, the brown pelican, has been .  A grimy ’substance’ was reported washing off of the birds plumage, affecting their waterproofing, leading to hypothermia and starvation. The Oregon coast has recently reported the same deadly phenomenon, both link toxic algae as one of the culprits.   Sounds all too familiar (recall the deadly strain of toxic algae that killed thousands of seabirds along the Oregon and Washington coast last year?).  If you haven’t seen it yet, this touching film tells the tragic story beautifully.

Across the globe, toxic algae recently claimed the lives of two dogs in New Zealand, bringing back the memory of .  Not to mention that HABs has and will again . And, let’s not forget all of the massive fish kills caused by HABs.

Bottom line is, HABs are on the rise - we need to have legislation passed that will prevent and control devastating toxic algal blooms - before they become even worse.  Our efforts to pass the continue, and with some hard work and a little luck we will see its passage in 2010.  Please take a moment and ask your Congressmen/women to support this vital legislation.


Date Posted: February 17, 2010 @ 3:39 pm


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