Who Cares About Ocean Politics?

Posted by: Mike Dunmyer

We do.  And so should you.

It’s easy to get angry about what you see in Washington, D.C. and to turn away from all things political as a result.  Unfortunately, disavowing the system won’t exempt you from its effects, and if you care about the ocean, there are real risks to disengagement.  Outcomes in the political arena can have a bigger impact on ocean health – in good ways and bad – than in any other domain.

You probably already know that Ocean Champions is the only ocean group that plays politically.  That means we’re the only ones who provide direct support to pro-ocean candidates to help them win their elections AND to let them know that they are being helped BECAUSE of their good ocean work.  Both of those concepts matter.  We also run campaigns to try and take out the bad guys when we can.

Bottom line, if we want healthy oceans, we have to win the political battle.  Right now there are 30 ocean champions serving in Congress, but that isn’t enough.  Ocean Champions is aiming to elect 40 in 2012, but to get that done we need the support of the ocean community.  So whether you like politics or not, I implore you to care about ocean politics.  If you care, please join and support Ocean Champions (and ask your ocean-loving friends to join).  Your contribution will help elect 40 good guys and send a signal that their ocean votes matter.

The more people who care about ocean politics, the more champions we can help elect.  As the number of champions in Congress grows, so will the health of our oceans.

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