Phase II: Sink Southerland

Posted by: Liz Parissenti

This week, Ocean Champions is excited to begin Phase II of the “Sink Southerland” campaign to defeat Congressman Steve Southerland, Ocean Enemy #1.

During Phase I, we asked you to vote for Ocean Enemy #1 and Rep. Southerland was your overwhelming choice. No surprise there; he is a true ocean bully. We have spent the last few months preparing for Phase II in order to defeat him and his terrible ocean policies.

We have already listed the many ways in which Rep. Southerland plans to dismantle fisheries, destroy jobs, and pollute the environment. Of course, we aren’t alone in our distaste for his policies.  There are many fishermen and voters in his district who vocally oppose Representative Southerland’s ideas for our ocean.

Congressman Southerland’s track record is especially abominable when compared with our (to date) 39 endorsed Ocean Champions.  Ocean champions in Congress are strong leaders who fight for healthy oceans and are not afraid to push for policies that help both fish and people. These role models are a striking contrast to the unfounded, often absurd policies pushed by Rep. Southerland. This election is a chance to take back Congress for our oceans by electing more ocean champions and defeating ocean enemies like Southerland.

Our “Sink Southerland” campaign runs on the donations and support of people who want to show this Congressman that he can’t act with impunity. There are consequences for his destructive ocean policies, and our ocean champions set an example of the forward-thinking attitude his Florida district deserves.

The oceans have a voice, and it is shouting “Sink Southerland!” You can add your voice today and show Rep. Southerland that the ocean community has spoken.

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