Every Dollar Counts

Posted by: Kelsey Schueler

Every day we are faced with a plethora of choices. Some are more important than others, like choosing a career. Others, like buying a quick lunch, often go unnoticed. These little daily choices about how we spend our money are some of the best ways to show our love for the ocean. This approach (demand-side, voting with your dollar) empowers the consumer to use their spending habits to demonstrate their values. Rational profit-driven companies will follow these preferences in order to keep making money and consequently those little decisions will add up to make a big difference.

Ocean ecosystems face many pressures, but one of the most obvious is declining fish stocks. Large predatory fish stocks have been decimated by , and as a result we are fishing down the food chain for smaller prey species on which other marine animals depend. Additionally, the fishing practices themselves can hurt the oceans. Bottom-trawling disrupts the seafloor and destroys important habitat (you can even see these impacts from space). Longlining and gillnetting have . Add climate change pressures and a growing global middle class demanding more and more seafood and the challenge becomes even greater for healthy oceans. However, as responsible consumers we can make decisions that discourage these irresponsible fishing practices and relieve pressure on threatened species like bluefin tuna.

Supporting businesses and people that treat our land and oceans as valuable resources increases demand for this form of corporate responsibility and creates an incentive for businesses to use sustainable seafood. Choosing sustainable over unsustainable sends a strong message to producers. It makes irresponsible fishing less profitable and supports those who are on the cutting edge of responsible fishing.

In order to help you in the quest to buy sustainable seafood we will be highlighting one sustainable seafood restaurant a week across the country. Get familiar with our primary reference for all things sustainable seafood, . Remember, we do have the power to make a difference, with each and every dollar we spend…. every day.

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