Senator Angus King

District Maine
Party Independent
Terms 1st
Committees Armed Services; Rules and Administraion; Intelligence; Budget
Quote from Website "We have the planet on loan. We have an obligation to return it to future generations in a better condition than we found it.."


Leadership: With his long history in the clean technology sector, Senator King brings a commitment to sustainable energy, both as a means of addressing ocean acidification and climate change, and as a platform for economic growth. 

Senator King also sees the Gulf of Maine as one of our most important resources and believes it must be managed to preserve its beauty and productivity for generations to come.  Maine’s commercial fishing industry is an important economic engine for the state, and protecting those jobs requires sustainable management of Maine’s fisheries. Here again, Senator King would see an opportunity for technology to help fishermen improve the management of the fishery.

Ocean Champions has previously endorsed Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME), who has been a great advocate for healthy oceans and the people who depend on them throughout her career.  We believe Senator King is a champion ready and able to continue the tradition of great ocean Senators from Maine.

Senator King cosponsored: