Representative Chellie Pingree


Maine 1st

Key Coastal Communities Rockland, Portland, Brunswick
Party Democratic
Term 2nd
Committees Appropriations
Caucuses House Oceans Caucus, Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition
Quote "We have a unique opportunity to take concrete steps to protect and preserve the environment. We just need to show the political will to take advantage of it.”


Leadership:  Representative Pingree believes we can have both “a healthy environment and a healthy economy.”  She proudly notes that her campaign office runs entirely on wind-generated power. Congresswoman Pingree was instrumental in bringing the Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control bill back to the House floor for a second, successful vote. 

The Congresswoman has also shown a flair for innovative solutions.  She responded to BP's Gulf oil disaster by introducing the Spilled Oil Royalty Collection Act. Recognizing that oil companies pay royalties on the oil they sell, this bill provides additional incentive for companies like BP to drill safely by charging them royalties on barrels of oil they spill as well.  It would then direct any royalties collected toward clean energy projects.

Congresswoman Pingree was also an original cosponsor of the Coastal Jobs Creation Act. Certain overfished fisheries may need to be closed at a difficult economic time for fishermen.  Instead of weakening fishing governance and further depleting threatened fisheries, the Coastal Jobs Creation Act would provide opportunities for fishermen to work with scientists collecting data on stock assessments and reducing bycatch, and on collecting marine debris and reducing pollution.

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