DEFEAT Richard Pombo

District California 19th (Candidate)
Party Republican
Terms 2010 Candiate
Committees “Resources Committee”

Ocean Enemy #1: When he represented California’s 11th District in the U.S. House of Representatives, Richard Pombo was a villain straight out of central casting. Upon being appointed Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, he quickly changed its name to the “Resources Committee.” He then proceeded to act in accordance with that name change by attempting to strip bare ALL our precious coasts, parks and natural wonders, regardless of the consequences. Pombo continually pressed to expand offshore oil drilling and also pushed to drill in the Arctic. He made numerous attempts at weakening U.S. fisheries law, and he proposed selling 15 National Parks! In addition, he repeatedly tried to gut the Endangered Species Act.

As if all his attacks on nature weren’t enough, Pombo also distinguished himself through his unethical behavior. He used campaign and PAC funds to pay family members over $350,000 and used taxpayer money to cover a trip with his family in an RV. He also took more than $700,000 from big oil and other energy interests, then turned around and shepherded an energy bill with over $21 billion in oil and gas industry subsidies through his Resources Committee. He also took thousands from indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.