Senator Dianne Feinstein

State California
Party Democratic
Terms 5th
Committees Appropriations; Judiciary; Rules and Administration; Select Committee on Intelligence (Chair)
Quote "The devastating effects of climate change are real and they are happening today—and the causes are largely the result of human activity. Simply put, we are fundamentally altering the earth, and without urgent action we face catastrophe. I strongly support the president’s decision to confront greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. These power plants account for nearly 40 percent of U.S. emissions and need to be regulated.”







Leadership: Senator Dianne Feinstein has supported a wide variety of environmental laws during her four terms representing California. During her time in the Senate, Senator Feinstein has worked to preserve natural resources in California and across the country for the enjoyment of future generations. Feinstein is working on a comprehensive package of legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors of the economy. She enacted the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act and the California Desert Protection Act to protect quintessential California ecosystems. Senator Feinstein has also advocated for a new CALFED framework to improve California’s water supply and pushed for restoration and conservation of the San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds and surrounding ecosystems. She is an accomplished lawmaker with a record of environmental success and support behind her, bringing over $17 million to the San Francisco Bay Area for restoration and water quality improvements.

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