Senator Ed Markey

State Massachusetts
Party Democratic
Terms 1st
Committees Natural Resources, Energy and Commerce
Caucuses House Oceans Caucus, House Coastal Caucus
Quote "Energy efficiency is called the low-hanging fruit of the energy world, and my hope is that this hearing will serve as an olive branch from the Republicans on these issues. Instead of misguided and misinformed wars on compact fluorescent lightbulbs, we should be exploring what new compacts we can pass in Congress to save Americans money, cut pollution, and power our economy in smarter way."


Leadership: Senator Markey served on the important House Natural Resources Committee for his entire 32 year career in Congress and has been a consistent supporter of ocean protection legislation. He was recently elected to the Senate in a special election June, 2013 and sworn in to the US Senate on July 16, 2013. Playing a key role in the passage of the Sustainable Fisheries Act of 1996, he has been committed to the investment and establishment of the sustainable fishing industry in the Northeast. Senator Markey is also a leader on energy issues. As Representative, he was selected by Speaker Pelosi as chairman of the new House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. Together with Representative Waxman, Markey introduced H.R. 2454 (American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009). Senator Markey has consistently fought against expanded offshore drilling, pressing for improved efficiency and development of renewable energy as the best approach to ending our dependence on foreign oil. after the BP Gulf Oil Spill, and has led the charge to expose Big Oil's inadequate offshore drilling safety practices.

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