Representative Grace Napolitano

District California 32nd
Party Democratic
Terms 1st
Committees Natural Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure
Quote “The people of Maine have always been faithful stewards of our environment because we understand its tremendous value to our way of life. Domestic, affordable, clean energy solutions, improved efficiency, environmental protections, and conservation, will benefit the natural beauty of Maine, improve public health, and help ensure a higher quality of life for ourselves and future generations.”



Leadership: Representative Napolitano has been a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources since the 106th Congress and was selected the Chair of the Water and Power Subcommittee for the 110th Congress. She has promoted conservation, water recycling, desalination, and sound groundwater management and storage to address Southern California's need for adequate water quality and supply. She is proud of her legislative efforts on a number of fronts — assisting in the implementation of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, a water management plan for the State of California, protection of the ecosystem in the Bay-Delta and promotion of the use of advanced technologies. She has voted in favor of legislation that conserves and protects our natural resources.

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