Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

District Florida 27th
Key Coastal Communities Miami, Florida Keys
Party Republican
Terms 6th
Committees Ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee
Caucuses Co-Chair, National Marine Sanctuary Caucus

“Healthy marine habitats are of significant social, economic, and environmental importance and support the livelihood of many Florida Keys residents through recreational, commercial, and charter fishing as well as eco-tourism. I have worked hard to protect our coral reefs and I will continue to support policies that ensure their conservation as co-chair of the National Marine Sanctuary Caucus in Congress.”



Leadership: Ileana recognizes the value of Florida’s natural coastal and marine ecosystems and believes that collaboration amongst “civic minded individuals, organizations, and elected officials who are all willing to be active participants in preservation and restoration efforts” are the key to effective conservation measures. She knows that clean water is the heart of Florida’s communities and therefore protecting the ocean and coastal resources are critical. One major accomplishment was the dredging of contaminated sediment out of the Miami River to create a cleaner environment for the river as well as the bay it flows into. Ileana is a staunch opponent of offshore drilling close to FL shorelines, including proposed drilling off Cuba’s shores, and she has led legislation that imposes sanctions and other penalties on individuals and entities involved in Cuba’s oil-drilling operations. She also supports new, reliable, and clean sources of energy such as wind, solar, biomass, and hydrogen fuel cell power and has voted in favor of several tax incentives for renewable energy, energy production, and energy conservation. As part of the National Marine Sanctuary Caucus she has worked to protect FL’s coral reefs and other ocean ecosystems.

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