Representative Jared Huffman


California 2nd

Key Coastal Communities North Coast California
Party Democratic
Terms 1st
Committees Natural Resources, Budget
Quote from Website "Jared Huffman has produced impressive results across a broad range of environmental issues.  In his first four years, he has been more than just a good environmental vote (100% CLCV rating); he has provided strong environmental leadership by authoring landmark legislation, chairing environmental committees, holding key oversight and informational hearings, and working tirelessly to help pass good environmental bills and to defeat attempts to undermine environmental protections.”






Representative Huffman is a recently elected ocean champion. During his time in the California State Legislature, Representative Huffman has worked nonstop for the ocean, introducing bills protecting wildlife, strengthening the Department of Fish and Game, and opposing offshore drilling. A prolific legislator who has passed 35 bills, Representative Huffman was also one of the legislature's leading advocates for sustainable water policy. Additionally, as a former Senior Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Huffman brings unprecedented environmental policy experience to Congress.

Representative Huffman has won dozens of awards for his environmental stewardship. A few of his most prominent include the "Ocean Hero Award for Legislative Leadership in Protecting Ocean Resources" award" (2010) from Environment California, Heal the Bay and NRDC, among others and the "Environmental Leadership Award" (2009) from the California League of Conservation voters. In the current legislative session, Assemblyman Huffman is leading the fight to ban shark finning in California and distinctively label GMO Salmon. Through his passion for environmental protection and extensive legislative achievements, Representative Huffman is a key ally of the ocean.


Representative Huffman sponsored:

Representative Huffman cosponsored:

California State Legislature Bills:

AB 88 – Protecting wild salmon against Genetically Engineered Salmon

AB 376 – Shark Fin Ban

AB 1112 - Oil Spill Prevention

AB 1338 - CA Coastal Protection Act of 2007.

AB 883 - Department of Fish And Game Reform

AB 708 - Preventing Poaching of Fish and Wildlife

AB 234 - Oil Spill Prevention/Containment: