Senator Jeanne Shaheen

State New Hampshire
Party Democratic
Term 1st
Commitees Energy & Natural Resources, Appropriations, Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Small Business & Entrepreneurship


Leadership: Sometimes to see the future you have to look to the past, Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s history of environmental leadership has shown that environmental action doesn’t have to come at the cost of economic growth. As former Governor of New Hampshire Senator Shaheen gets is credited for developing the State’s first comprehensive energy plan, and established a “State Building Energy Conservation Initiative” that reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Shaheen She also pushed the passage of legislation requiring power plants to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide and mercury. Another set of “Energy Eefficiency” programs promoted by Senator Shaheen helped residents and businesses save money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Shaheen She also succeeded at improving laws that increased water conservation and improved the safety and reliability of New Hampshire's water supplies. This is the kind of leadership needed today, one that intelligently serves the needs of citizens while understanding our role as environmental stewards for future generations.

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