Representative Jim Moran

District Virginia 8th
Party Democrat
Terms 12th
Committees House Appropriations Committee; Subcommittee on the Interior and Environment Appropriations subcommittee (Ranking Member)
Caucuses Animal Protection Caucus (Co-Chair)
Quote “Congressman Moran believes that we all have a shared responsibility to protect the environment.”


Leadership: Congressman Moran is committed to supporting programs and legislation that promote environmental stewardship and develop sustainable and renewable energy sources. Congressman Moran believes in truly effective environmental policies that not only protect our environment, but also strengthen our economy. Representative Moran also believes our nation has an unhealthy addiction to fossil fuels, making our economy dangerously vulnerable to instability in oil prices, and therefore, he believes in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. He believes in investments in clean, green energy development to stimulate the economy.

Representative Moran has proven his commitment to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by voting for legislation to end public subsidies for fossil fuels, and supports the creation of tax incentives to encourage solar, wind, biodiesel, and other alternative fuels.

Representative Moran strongly opposes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and has led the fight to prevent offshore drilling in the Commonwealth. He has introduced legislation to strengthen the monitoring and regulation of toxins in drinking water, and also supports a commitment to improvements in public transportation. He has been instrumental in an effort to bring Metro Rail to the Dulles Corridor.

As the Ranking Democratic Member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on the Interior and Environment, Congressman Moran has:

Representative Moran sponsored:

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