Representative John Garamendi

District California 3rd
Key Coastal Communities NE San Francisco Bay
Party Democrat
Terms 3rd

Armed Services, Transportation & Infrastructure, Agriculture


Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition

Quote "We must maintain the environmental quality of our Golden State. As Lieutenant Governor, I have used my position to advance the environmental research agenda at the University and leverage the role of the Lands Commission to protect the California coast, rivers, lakes and state land. In both roles, I am motivated by the central challenge of our time reversing global warming and climate change. To that end, I will continue to propose policies and incentives to reduce green house gasses and to address the inevitable environmental changes already underway. I will seek the implementation of policies and incentives to encourage business and individuals to implement sound environmental practices."



Leadership: In Representative Garamendi’s short time in office since November 2009, he has already done more for the ocean than many of his associates, including: introducing an Ocean Protection Act, joining the Water Resources and Environment subcommittees, and serving as Chair of the State Lands Commission. Consistently using his position to bring about environmental reform and protection, Rep. Garamendi has worked with the likes of Al Gore and the nation’s top scientists in order to present at the Kyoto conference on global warming. Also, as a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, he has worked to protect the coastal environment of California through the establishment of a Heritage Area in the San Joaquin Delta.

His extensive leadership abilities have been exemplified repeatedly in his role as a congressman, as well as Chair of the State Land Committee and a member of the Ocean Protection Council. His accomplishments include but are not limited to: leading the commission to reject the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal off the Malibu/Oxnard coast; designing pollution decrease plans for California beaches; and the creation of an Adaptive Water Management System. Congressman Garamendi has also worked hard in areas related to Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, the Oxnard/Malibu coast, transportation solutions, energy conservation, toxic clean up, California Conservation Corps, headwaters, endangered species, water wars, Ward Valley, and Guam among others.

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