Representative John Sarbanes

District Maryland 3rd
Party Democratic
Terms 3rd
Committees Energy and Commerce
Quote "I am pleased to stand with the advocates who work every day to preserve and protect Maryland’s economic and environmental treasure, the Chesapeake Bay. We do not have to choose between protecting the Bay and creating jobs. The Bay is a major economic engine of Maryland and the region. We must save the Bay so we can save the jobs that go with it."


Leadership: Working hard to protect the Chesapeake Bay, Representative John Sarbanes has emerged as a leader in environmental stewardship. His passion for this regional habitat has inspired the passing of H.R. 1650, which enhanced the protection of the Chesapeake Bay through programs that foster science and education, as well as conservation measures. Congressman Sarbanes is committed to addressing the multitude of environmental problems facing our nation, such as protecting clean air and water, finding alternatives to the finite supply of fossil fuels, climate change, and many others. His efforts have particularly focused on empowering citizens as everyday environmental stewards.

As a leader on the Congressional Chesapeake Bay Task Force, Congressman Sarbanes is raising awareness among his colleagues in Congress about the perils facing the Bay. With a particular focus on improving the health of Bay tributaries, he has helped inform Members who represent parts of the Bay watershed about pollution originating from streams or rivers in their District that flow into the Bay.

Outside of Congress, he continues to promote environmental health through programs like “Chesapeake Bay Friendly” which encourages citizens to get involved in bay cleanup activities and to become stewards by helping communities reduce pollution. Representative Sarbanes supports and encourages the conservation of our greater oceans. He has been instrumental in the promotion of President Obama’s National Ocean Policy.

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