Senator Kay Hagan

State North Carolina
Party Democratic
Term 1st
Commitees Armed Services; Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, Small Business Entrepreneurship; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Quote "I'm proud to be endorsed by Ocean Champions and look forward to working with them in the Senate. North Carolina’s coast is both a treasured possession and an economic boon, and it’s of the utmost importance to me that we protect and preserve it for generations to come. I also believe we need to encourage water conservation and invest in environmentally responsible hydropower, as well as promote research into renewable resources such as wave and tidal energy which could help us reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help prevent further global warming.”



Leadership  As a former State Senator for North Carolina Kay Hagan has developed a record of supporting environmental protection. She has voted to protect ground water resources from chemical and farm waste run off, promoted energy conservation in state government buildings, and supported the increased use of renewable energy sources. According to the Sierra Club “Kay Hagan is on the right side of environmental issues. She supports rapid and aggressive reductions in greenhouse gases and believes that energy conservation is key.” The League of Conservation Voters also supports Hagan for her efforts to increase the use of renewable energy. They note her “average score of 85% from the Conservation Council of North Carolina from 2003 to 2007” compared to Elizabeth Dole’s “pathetic 4 % score from the League of Conservation Voters during her time in Washington. This is a significant reason why Hagan represents a “new path for North Carolina” Ocean Champions believes in developing relationships with candidates who have shown a willingness to make a stand for the environment at the local level in hopes that they will be open to supporting the oceans at  the national level.

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