Senator Maria Cantwell

State Washington
Party Democratic
Term 3rd
Commitees Commerce, Science and Transportation: Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security (Chair), Energy and Natural Resources; Finance; Indian Affairs; Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Quote from Website "From stopping drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to expanding Mt. Rainier National Park, to creating the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park at the mouth of the Columbia River, she has worked tirelessly to preserve our amazing natural treasures while boosting Washington’s recreation and tourism industries at the same time."


Leadership: Senator Cantwell is one of the most outspoken defenders of the environment in Congress, and she has consistently voted in favor of protections for the oceans. She continues to fight to stop overuse of the Puget Sound ports by oil tankers and has spoken out on several occasions regarding the dangers of ocean acidification on our ocean economies and has been a leader in the fight to protect key salmon populations from disappearing in Washington.

Senator Cantwell also co-sponsored bipartisan legislation that updated and extended the nation’s primary law guiding fishing in federal waters, known as the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. This legislation manages fishery resources, improves catch-share programs and preserves essential fish habitats that support tens of thousands of Washington jobs. Maria successfully fought to pass provisions to Magnuson-Stevens that are important to Washington fisheries, including national guidelines for science-based fishing quota programs and bottom-up management practices that strengthen the role local fishermen play in developing fish quota programs and resource conservation efforts. These guidelines prevent overfishing, help build fish stocks back to historical levels and improve safety at sea. By ensuring productive fish stocks in the future, Maria’s provisions are helping to provide certainty and job security for Washington fishing communities.

Senator Cantwell continues to work to protect natural lands, ban west coast offshore drilling, preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and protect Washington state and the Pacific Northwest from the threat of offshore oil spills.

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