Candidate Michael Eggman

District California 10th
Party Democrat
Terms 1st
Quote from Website

" We need to break the Washington mindset that tells us we need to choose between protecting our natural resources and growing our economy. Here in the Valley, we know that renewable energy and common sense laws to protect our air and water are critical to creating jobs and increasing prosperity.”



Leadership: Michael Eggman is a Democrat running for Congress in California’s 10th district. As a farmer, Eggman has experienced firsthand the effects of climate change, from record-breaking heat waves to longer droughts. Eggman is committed to investing in a clean energy economy and combating climate change. He supports policies that will spur investment and innovation in the clean energy industry while reducing our reliance on Big Oil. He will also work to protect the air we breathe and the water we drink by fighting to defend the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act.

Michael Eggman is a native Californian who grew up on his family’s small almond orchard and apiary in Turlock. His mother’s family immigrated here from Mexico while his father’s family came to California to escape the Dust Bowl in the 1920s. Both his parents worked in the fields to build a better life for their children. Hard work was expected. The Eggman family managed the business, with Michael helping his father tend to the orchard and hives, his mother keeping the books, and his sisters bottling up honey to sell at farmer’s markets and yard sales.

With the passing of his mother ten years ago, Michael returned to help his father manage the family farm. Today, Michael farms 40 acres of almonds and manages over 1,000 beehives. Working with bees keeps Michael connected to a great variety of agriculture. It also requires him to travel up and down the Valley, putting thousands of miles on his truck as he follows the blossoms of California. His travels allow him to talk with local farmers and cattlemen. He hears the stories of the uncertainty they face, and feels their same sense of frustration with their elected officials.

Candidate Michael Eggman recognizes that we have the ability to protect our planet and grow our economy simultaneously and will work to protect public health and combat climate change.