Senator Patrick Leahy

State Vermont
Party Democratic
Term 7th
Committees Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry; Appropriations; Judiciary (Chair)
Quote from Website "As an avid scuba diver, Senator Leahy has a great love for our oceans and the sea life that inhabits them. Once considered a limitless and inexhaustible resource, our oceans are now in jeopardy from the demands of a growing population that has depleted ocean and coastal resources.”


Leadership: Vermonters have a long tradition of environmental stewardship, and Senator Leahy takes great pride in the fact that Vermont has served as a model for many national conservation programs that he has sponsored in Congress, including the Farmland Protection Program and the Forest Legacy Program. Senator Leahy has helped expand this ethic through his support for public lands and open spaces, and has made it clear that protection and conservation of our natural spaces is a matter of paramount importance.

In his role as Chairman of the Foreign Operations Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee, Senator Leahy has led the support for funding the , which preserves coastal, littoral and reef resources in a sensitive habitat that is rich in biodiversity. He has also worked to address marine invasive species and received a perfect score from the League of Conservation Voters the past two years. Senator Leahy has been a true champion for Lake Champlain, directing $80 million to clean up and protect the “sixth Great Lake.” He introduced the Omnibus Mercury Act, a comprehensive mercury pollution control bill. Senator Leahy has also taken a leadership role in responding to the BP Gulf Oil Spill. He said that the spill shows the need for a comprehensive energy strategy driven by renewable energy.

Senator Leahy has been an advocate for the environment and continues to fight against efforts to circumvent our nation's foundational environmental legislation.

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