Representative Patrick Murphy

District Florida 18th
Party Democrat
Terms 1st
Commitees Financial Services, Small Business

Safe Climate Caucus

Congressional Everglades Caucus

Democratic Middle Class Working Group Caucus

Ports Opportunity, Renewal, Trade, and Security (PORTS) Caucus

Quote "I was raised on the beaches of South Florida and the protection of our natural resources is critically important to me. Good environmental policy isn't just morally correct - it's good business for America, and especially good for Florida. It preserves the economy, creates jobs, and protects Florida’s fragile ecosystems and tourism industry."



As a native Floridian, Representative Murphy understands the importance of protecting the local environment and the role it plays in the local economy. Following the Deepwater Horizon oil calamity, Representative Murphy spent six months removing oil with Coastal Environmental Services and is well-versed in the environmental clean ups that are often so important in Florida. He is committed to not only preventing future oil disasters, but also protecting the Florida Everglades, preventing nutrient runoff on the Treasure Coast, and working with Congress to ensure energy independence.

In his past term in Congress, he has made sure to emphasize this priority, consistently advocating for projects such as beach renourishment, inlet dredging, and overall Everglades restoration efforts within his district. Representative Murphy is also currently working to protect the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Lucie River, two prized Florida Coast assets facing significant threats from human development and pollution.

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