Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

State Rhode Island
Party Democrat
Term 1st
Commitees Environment and Public Works (Subcommittee Oversight (Chair)); Budget; Judiciary; Intelligence; Aging; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; HELP
Quote from Website “I will continue to use my position on the EPW Committee to clean up pollution in our communities, protect our waters, save threatened wildlife species, and stop global warming, and to undo the harms inflicted by the Bush Administration on our environment and the institutions charged with protecting our public health and natural heritage. I look forward to working with President Obama on these critical issues.”


Leadership: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is a strong environmental leader and ocean champion. He has demonstrated incredible dedication to environmental protection throughout his first term. As a member of the Senate Environmental and Public Works committee (EPW), Senator Whitehouse helped to push the first ever piece of comprehensive global warming legislation. He continues to sponsor and cosponsor bills to mitigate climate change by transitioning to clean energy and preparing coastal areas for rising sea levels. He supports progressive and comprehensive energy reforms including raising standards for fuel economy in cars, appliances, home and workplace. He also supports mandating a dramatic increase in production and use of renewable fuels and removing tax breaks to large oil companies to instead invest in new and efficient energy markets. In January, Senator Sheldon and Representative Waxman formed a Climate Change Task Forece to pressure the federal government to move forward on climate legislation.

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