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President Obama Acts For Our Oceans

Recently, President Obama took action to protect and conserve our oceans. Less than 6 months into his presidency he sent a strong signal that conserving our oceans and coasts will be a goal for his administration.

President Obama issued a that calls for the development of a national ocean (coastal and Great Lakes) policy that will protect, maintain, and restore these ecosystems. This is an important step because the health of our oceans is in decline, the threats and stresses on ocean ecosystems continue to build, and there is NO unifying vision for specifically how to reverse these trends and restore our oceans.

The President established an interagency task force that will recommend within 90 days: (1) a national policy that protects, maintains, and restores ocean, coastal and Great Lakes ecosystems, (2) a framework for policy coordination, and (3) an implementation strategy. The task force will also begin to address the challenge of planning for multiple uses in the oceans. This old problem is getting a fresh look and a new name - marine spatial planning.

We thank President Obama for his leadership on behalf of our oceans. And we look forward to continuing to work with his administration to achieve our goal of establishing a national ocean policy.

We are hopeful that the President's leadership will boost action on Capitol Hill. We will continue to work with our Champions and colleagues in the ocean conservation community to build support for tackling the challenges facing our oceans.

15 June 2009, 6:00 pm