Capitol Hill
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Action Center

Ocean Champions uses a combination of high-quality lobbying and electoral work to build political champions for the oceans. But your elected officials need to hear from you, too. Please help us forge a culture of leadership on the oceans by taking the following actions:

Become a Fighter for Fish!

Fish in U.S. waters are continually under attack. Massive fishing fleets harvest them faster than they can reproduce, driving the fisheries toward collapse. Those who evade the nets and hooks must fight to survive in coastal water polluted with fertilizers, pesticides, plastic and oil. These fish are critical to healthy ocean ecosystems, as well as to human health, jobs and our economy. Take Action >>

Take Action Against Toxic Tides & Harmful Algal Blooms

Toxic tides (HABs) like red tide are making people sick, killing marine life, and contaminating seafood. They also have a negative effect on tourism in coastal states, costing coastal communities an estimated $100 million each year (according to NOAA estimates). Ocean Champions has made the case that America needs a national strategy to address HABs. With your help, we can pass a law for just such a strategy. Take Action >>

Oppose Increased Offshore Oil Drilling!

On May 5th, the House passed HR 1230 - a bill that would expand offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and open up the Virginia coast to drilling for the first time.

Please act now and tell your Senators to oppose increased offshore drilling!

Take Action >>

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