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Take Action Against Toxic Tides & Harmful Algal Blooms

Toxic tides (HABs) like red tide are making people sick, killing marine life, and contaminating seafood. They also have a negative effect on tourism in coastal states, costing coastal communities an estimated $100 million each year (according to NOAA estimates). Ocean Champions has made the case that America needs a national strategy to address HABs. With your help, we can pass a law for just such a strategy.

In the Senate, the bill has passed the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation and is being readied for floor action. In the House, the bill passed the Committee on Science and Technology on October 7th. Our focus now moves to Leadership and to securing the floor time needed to pass the bill out of Congress.

To help us pass this bill, please contact your Representative today, and ask them to support this important legislation and become a co-sponsor of H.R. 3650.

This is an Ocean Champions Priority Issue, learn more about HABs here.