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Congressional Champions

Ocean Champions, a 501(c)(4), with an attached political action committee (PAC), is the first-ever political advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the ocean and its wildlife. Ocean Champions is for ocean conservation in the U.S. Congress.

Click on a state below, or use the drop down, to learn more about ocean champions in Congress we’ve endorsed and supported (and who won) or are endorsing in the current election. In making endorsement decisions, the Ocean Champions Board of Directors considers a number of factors, including a candidate’s past voting record on ocean issues, future leadership potential, potential committee assignments, and candidate interviews.

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Congressional Cycles

Senators Party State
D nj
D ca
D wa
D md
D de
R me
D de
D il
D ca
D nm
D hi
I me
D vt
D ma
D or
D md
D fl
D mi
R oh
D ri
D hi
D nh
D mi
D nm
D ri
Representatives Party District
D or-1st
D ca-26th
D ca-24th
D fl-14th
D ma-5th
D sc-6th
D ny-14th
D md-7th
D or-4th
D wa-1st
D md-4th
D ca-20th
D pa-2nd
D hi-2nd
D ca-3rd
D fl-2nd
D az-3rd
D wa-10th
R wa-3rd
D ca-17th
D md-5th
D ca-2nd
D ny-3rd
D wa-6th
R nj-7th
R nj-2nd
D ca-47th
D nh-2nd
D ca-9th
D fl-18th
D ca-32nd
D ca-52nd
D me-1st
R fl-27th
D md-3rd
D ca-28th
D ca-15th
D ca-41st
D ma-3rd
D md-8th
D fl-23rd