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Election Roundup – The Ocean Wins

VTO Turtle

Nov 09, 2018 in Newsletters

Dear Friend,

Your votes and support made a difference in this critical election. Thank you for voting the ocean with us!

We’re already reaching out to our friends and champions on Capitol Hill to get a sense of what the election means for the oceans. We’ll share our assessment in the coming weeks.  However, it is fair to say that the new majority in the House of Representatives will work to advance a strong ocean agenda and serve as an important buffer against anti-ocean efforts in the Trump administration.

So, how did we do?  Ocean Champions endorsed 58 candidates in the House of Representatives and Senate. So far, 52 of the candidates have won. Some races have still not been called, yet the victors include long time champions and a significant number of new Congressmen and Congresswomen who join the ranks as an ocean champion.  

We had one loss of a pro-ocean Republican. Of the five races that are too close to call, we are anxiously watching the outcome for long standing ocean champion Senator Bill Nelson in Florida, and candidate Harley Rouda in his bid to defeat ocean enemy Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in CA-48. We will update you as the results become final. 

Click here for the full results.

There is a lot for us all to be proud of. With the democrats regaining a majority in the House a number of important champions will hold key positions on the committees and subcommittees that matter for our ocean and environment.  We now go forward arm in arm to continue the fight for healthy oceans and wildlife.

For the oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

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