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We help elect members of congress who will fight to protect our oceans, and, we defeat candidates and members who don’t. That, in essence, is what Ocean Champions is all about.

Ocean Champions' bipartisan electoral success has been consistent and continues to grow. In our first election in 2004, we supported 14 candidates, of which 11 won (79%). In 2006, 16 of the 20 candidates we supported won (80%), and we played an important role in defeating ocean enemy #1, Richard Pombo (click here to see how truly bad this guy was for the oceans). In 2008, we supported 34 candidates and 28 of them won (82%). In 2010, 23 of the 30 candidates we supported were elected and ocean enemy #1, Richard Pombo was defeated again. In 2012, 43 of the 46 candidates we supported were elected (93%), including 8 new Congressmen and 3 new Senators. Ocean champions now occupy almost 1/5 of the Senate.

In 2013-2014 our electoral work is more important than ever. There are currently 51 champions serving in Congress and while they’re doing great work, the anti-environmental tone of the broader Congress shows that they need more help. As the only ocean group to engage politically, we intend to deliver that help by working to elect more champions in 2014! We’ll defend our existing champions and will identify, evaluate and support the best new ocean candidates. Sign up for our email list to keep up to date as we roll out endorsements, and watch our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for more details.

Our approach is to participate fully in the political process using a full complement of electoral and legislative tools to support endorsed champions and defeat bad candidates, including but not limited to PAC giving, advertising, polling, education, voter ID and “get out the vote” campaigns.

Consistent and Growing Electoral Success
Year Supported Won HIghlights
2004 14 11 (79%)
  • Elected 2 New Members (1 Democrat, 1 Republican)
2006 20 16 (80%)
2008 34 28 (82%)
  • 6 Committee / Subcommittee Chairmen
  • 6 New Members (3 House, 3 Senate)
2010 30 23 (77%)
  • Defeated Richard Pombo (Again!)
  • 11 Committee / Subcommittee Chairmen
2012 46 43 (93%)
  • 8 new Congressmen, 3 new Senators
  • Ocean champions occupy almost 1/5 of the Senate


Our 2013-2014 Electoral Work

Our focus will be on:

  • Ensuring that our current congressional champions return to Congress to continue their good work for ocean conservation
  • Identifying, evaluating and helping elect new candidates and members worthy of the Ocean Champions endorsement
  • Beating Ocean Enemy #1, Congressman Steve Southerland
  • Strengthening the Ocean Champions Political Action Committee (PAC). Every penny raised for this powerful organization goes directly to pro-ocean candidate campaigns – the bigger the PAC gets, the more champions we can help win.

Note: To give to Ocean Champions PAC, you must first join Ocean Champions.
Please take this step today to help deliver a pro-ocean Congress tomorrow.