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Harmful Algal Bloom Outbreaks




09/01/2017 - DHHS: Blue-green algae in Humboldt water

08/26/2017 - Toxic algae detected in some Tahoe Keys waterways

08/10/2017 - Blue-green algae-related toxin warnings remain at Russian River beaches

08/09/2017 - Stockton Waterways Facing Large Algae Bloom

08/08/2017 - This is what’s making sea lions sick — and causing quite a stench in Pismo Beach

08/08/2017 - County health officials warn about toxic blue-green algae

07/07/2017 - Toxic Algae Bloom Prompts Warning at Pyramid Lake

06/30/2017 - Toxic algae in Lake San Antonio prompts warnings

06/29/2017 - Blue-green algae warning for San Luis Reservoir

06/27/2017 - Toxic algae closes popular Bay Area lake to swimming

06/13/2017 - Pelicans in peril as algae bloom poisons food chain

05/29/2017 - Algal Blooms That Harm Children and Pets Could Spread Through California's Waterways

04/30/2017 - No ‘silver bullet’ for toxic algal blooms in El Dorado Park, officials say

10/27/2016 - High levels of algae toxins in San Francisco Bay shellfish

10/25/2016 - San Luis Reservoir conditions upped to “warning” level

10/05/2016 - Toxic algae closes San Francisco Bay Area swim lakes

09/30/2016 - Toxic algae detected in San Luis Obispo's Laguna Lake

09/29/2016 - The Pacific blob caused an ‘unprecedented’ toxic algal bloom — and there’s more to come

09/18/2016 - Toxic Algae Plaguing 40 California Waterways

09/17/2016 - Toxic algae troubles many California lakes and waterways

09/09/2016 - State warns of harmful bacteria blooms in Central Valley lakes and rivers

09/07/2016 - San Jose: Algae bloom prompts closures of popular lakes

09/04/2016 - More potentially toxic algae found on Lake Shasta

09/01/2016 - Lake Elsinore in uncharted waters due to algae bloom

09/01/2016 - Bay Area lake closed due to toxic algae

08/25/2016 - More toxic algae blooms discovered on Lake ShastaMore toxic algae blooms discovered on Lake Shasta

08/24/2016 - Public health officials upgrade Isabella algae warnings

08/22/2016 - Toxic Muck: California’s Algae Problem Is Worse Than Ever

08/10/2016 - Water samples from Discovery Bay test positive for toxic algae

08/10/2016 - Toxins lead to shutdown of Canyon Lake

08/04/2016 - California Agencies Warn Of Harmful Algal Blooms Across State

08/04/2016 - Blue-green algae bloom in San Luis Reservoir and O’Neill Forebay; caution urged in water contact

08/04/2016 - Don’t go swimming at Silverwood Lake right now because of toxic algae bloom, officials say

08/04/2016 - Toxic algae alert issued for Russian River

08/02/2016 - Stockton Blue-Green Algae Is Back And Considered Health Hazard

07/29/2016 - High heat = Huge algae bloom in Stockton

07/29/2016 - High concentration of toxins in Lake Elsinore puts lake on temporary closure

07/28/2016 - 'Harmful Algae' in Lake Elsinore Prompts Closure: City

07/25/2016 - Health Officials Issue Warning About Toxic Algae in Discovery Bay Waters

07/22/2016 - Algal bloom persists in Pyramid Lake north of Los Angeles

07/20/2016 - Toxic algae found in Lake Britton in eastern Shasta County

07/14/2016 - Summer conditions growing toxic algae blooms in two California lakes

07/13/2016 - DWR: Avoid algae bloom at Pyramid Lake

07/02/2016 - Toxic algae in reservoirs elicits warnings from water board

06/28/2016 - Northern California lake closed because of toxic algae bloom

06/09/2016 - County health officials issue toxic algae warning

02/18/2016 - Fishermen urge keeping state’s commercial crab season closed

12/21/2015 - Toxic algae harming sea lions

12/17/2015 - Spread of algal toxin through marine food web broke records in 2015

12/17/2015 - 'Unprecedented' toxic algal blooms off west coast hurt sea lions, contaminate sea food 

12/17/2015 - Scientists Raise New Concerns About Toxic Algae Bloom

11/07/2015 - Why A Neurotoxin Is Closing Crab Season In California

09/26/2015 - California authorities issue algae alert after 2nd dog dies

06/27/2015 - Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard: An Algal Bloom of Epic Proportions

02/02/2015 - Lake Chabot algae kills three dogs

09/23/2013 - State leaders briefed on toxic algae blooms in Pinto Lake

09/17/2013 - Blue-green algae a health hazard in Klamath River: Caution urged in water contact and fish consumption

09/04/2013 - Red Tide in La Jolla

08/21/2013 - Algae Blooms Blamed For Fish Die-Off At Lake Lindero

08/16/2013 - Algae-related toxins confirmed in Konocti Bay

08/06/2013 - Red Tide Spotted in Imperial Beach, Coronado

07/25/2013 - Blue-green algae health advisory issued

07/11/2013 - Pinto Lake advocates seek regional water board's help in cleaning up toxic algae

09/12/2012 - Blue-green algae warning for Klamath

03/20/2012 - Lakes to blame for sea otter deaths

11/27/2011 - Algae blooms' sudden spread stumps scientists

04/23/2011 - Dead Sea Lion Found Near Hermosa Beach Pier

04/12/2011 - Poisoned sea lions hit the beaches

10/18/2010 - Residents experience foul tap water odor 

10/18/2010 - State issues warning on Channel Islands seafood

10/15/2010 - Harmful algal blooms in Monterey Bay found by multi-institutional experiment

09/24/2010 - Deadly toxins put Pinto Lake off limits to people and pets

09/20/2010 - Red tide returns to Coastside

08/31/2010 - Didymo bloom affects California's Bear River, there's algae in them there hills

08/03/2010 - Algae to keep swimmers out of San Jose's Almaden Lake through mid-August

07/23/2010 - Swimmers, fishermen urged to use caution with algal blooms

10/17/2009 - Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: Sea otter population down, deaths up

10/15/2009 - Sea mammals weather storm fairly well

10/5/2009 - Explanation offered for sea lion mystery

09/14/2009 - Scott and Shasta Rivers are De-Watered

08/21/2009 - Toxic blue-green algae fouling Klamath River

08/20/2009 - Miramar red waves could mean ocean light show





02/18/2018 - Tide of Trouble: Toxic algae in Fort Lauderdale shores up concern

02/12/2018 - Red tide bloom persists along Florida's west coast

02/10/2018 - FWC: Florida red tide organism persists in Southwest Florida

01/15/2018 - Ride Tide Reemerges Along Florida's Southwest Coast

01/12/2018 - Red tide still lingering along coast

01/04/2018 - Holiday season brings high red tide concentrations to Sarasota County

12/29/2017 - Red tide counts exploding along Southwest Florida coast

12/16/2017 - Red tide found in Lee, Charlotte waters

12/07/2017 - Red tide present off the coast of Collier beaches

12/01/2017 - Red tide spreads out, lingers along coast

11/28/2017 - Red tide exploding off Lee beaches

11/17/2017 - High concentrations of red tide blooming in Lee County

11/15/2017 - Red tide found in parts of Sanibel, Captiva islands

11/10/2017 - Scientists fear red tide bloom may be lingering offshore

11/03/2017 - Algal Blooms Spreading Over Florida Bay

10/19/2017 - Algae spotted in the Treasure Coast

08/24/2017 - Lake O bloom lingers, Caloosahatchee may be next

08/18/2017 - That funky smell in Old Tampa Bay is a confirmed algae bloom

08/04/2017 - Algae bloom growing near Port Mayaca; Phosphorus-rich runoff from St. Lucie basin feeding algal bloom near Port Mayaca

07/27/2017 - Florida's Lake Okeechobee Is Turning Green Again With New Algae Bloom

07/26/2017 - Toxic algae bloom raises concerns in Doctors Lake

07/25/2017 - Algae bloom closes Gulf County scallop season

07/20/2017 - Indian River Lagoon algae blooms ramp up

07/20/2017 - Significant” algae bloom on Lake Okeechobee

05/11/2017 - Patchy bloom reported along Naples beaches

05/10/2017 - Algae blooms on coastal waters in Collier County

04/07/2017 - Red Tide Fish Kills Reported Along Central Gulf Coast

03/30/2017 - Toxic algae takes its toll on rivers and waterways

03/21/2017 - Red tide detected in Charlotte County

03/20/2017 - Latest Lake Okeechobee algae bloom has scientists crying fowl

03/09/2017 - Red tide suspected of killing manatees in gulf

03/02/2017 - Red Tide Activity Reported In Tampa Bay Area

03/01/2017 - As Red Tide lingers along Gulf Coast, scientists develop new tools to track it

02/20/2017 - Red tide sends some Marco Island beachgoers packing

02/20/2017 - Red tide shows uptick over holiday weekend

02/19/2017 - Red Tide Fish Kills, Respiratory Concerns Continue

02/10/2017 - Red tide lingering, aimed at Lee

01/28/2017 - Use caution: Red tide again causing dead fish to wash up on area beaches

01/20/2017 - Fish Kills Continue Along Pinellas, Sarasota, Manatee County Coastlines

01/13/2017 - More algae tests keep Port St. Lucie park closed over MLK holiday weekend

01/12/2017 - Fish Kills Reported In Pinellas County

01/06/2017 - Port St. Lucie closes park because of blue-green algae in lake

12/28/2016 - Red tide harming more birds than usual in Venice

12/27/2016 - Unusual winter red tide bloom hits Florida

12/25/2016 - Red tide bloom lingering in Southwest Florida

12/21/2016 - Red Tide Fish Kills Reported In Pinellas, Sarasota Counties

12/19/2016 - Red tide killing Charlotte County bird population

12/17/2016 - Samples show red tide persisting off Southwest Florida and elsewhere in state

12/14/2016 - Red Tide Fish Kills Reported in Pinellas, Manatee and Sarasota Counties

12/09/2016 - Red Tide Concerns Persist in Tampa Bay Area Counties

12/08/2016 - Red tide killing sea life in Charlotte County

12/07/2016 - New Documentary Explores Toxic Algae in Lake Okeechobee

12/06/2016 - Red tide patches reported

11/22/2016 - Concerns over red tide in Tampa Bay area

11/18/2016 - Red tide alert issued for Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties

11/17/2016 - Red tide threatens SWFL boat races

11/15/2016 - Red tide persists

11/09/2016 - Red tide still being detected on some Southwest Florida beaches

10/26/2016 - ‘Patchy’ Red Tide Bloom Persists Off Florida’s Gulf Coast

10/26/2016 - Low levels of red tide remain in Collier County

10/13/2016 - Red Tide Engulfs Florida Beaches

10/10/2016 - Red tide problem worsens, spreads north to Pinellas

10/07/2016 - Officials: Dead fish on Collier beaches likely related to red tide


09/23/2016 - Red tide affecting Sarasota beaches

09/21/2016 - Red tide causes massive fish kill on Long Boat Key

09/16/2016 - Red Tide Detected in 4 Gulf Coast Counties

09/16/2016 - Senate passes Everglades restoration measure to fight toxic algae blooms

09/16/2016 - Sewage dump may lead to algae blooms, fish kill, lost seagrass, experts say

09/15/2016 - Lake Okeechobee draining increasing, despite algae risks

09/15/2016 - Harmful Lake Okeechobee releases to increase

09/14/2016 - Judge won’t halt rule to allow increased toxins in Florida water

09/13/2016 - Addressing Florida’s Algae Problem

09/13/2016 - Next Florida House Speaker contends GOP budget full of waste

09/12/2016 - Harris joins Indian River Lagoon Innovators Initiative

09/12/2016 - Toxic Algae Blooms Are on the Rise

09/10/2016 - Algae trouble ‘blooms’ in Charleston estuaries?

09/10/2016 - 20 States Suffer From Toxic Algae and We're Doing Little to Stop It

09/09/2016 - State warns of toxic algae in some lakes, rivers

09/09/2016 - Ninth annual river report shows mixed results for St. Johns River's health

09/08/2016 - Oklahoma senator: Why I support restoration of the Florida Everglades

09/08/2016 - Algal Doom: The Many Colors of Algae and Their Potential Hazards

09/07/2016 - Signs about algal blooms to be placed along river 

09/07/2016 - Algal Bloom Returns to Florida’s Treasure Coast

09/06/2016 - Red Tide Reported in Sarasota, Lee Counties

09/06/2016 - Toxic Algae Blooms Threaten People and Waterways in More Than 20 States

08/30/2016 - Toxic Algae Invading Our Oceans and Seas

08/30/2016 - Algal Doom: What Causes Harmful Algal Blooms?

08/29/2016 - Harmful algal blooms in their true colors

08/26/2016 - Scattered fish kills reported in Indian River Lagoon

08/25/2016 - What Are Toxic Algal Blooms? Stony Brook University's Christopher Gobler Explains

08/19/2016 - Ocean Slime Spreading Quickly Across the Earth

08/18/2016 - Algal Doom: The Growing Threat of Harmful Algal Blooms

08/16/2016 - State reports widespread elevated algae; West Palm water plant proactive

08/15/2016 - Toxic Algae Blooms a Serious Problem in Parts of Florida


08/01/2016 - Another massive algae bloom begins in Martin County

07/29/2016 - Indian River Lagoon blooms trigger scattered fish kills

07/28/2016 - Tests Reveal Florida's Toxic Algae is Threatening Not Only The Water Quality but Also the Air

07/28/2016 - Local scientists say toxic St. Johns River algae blooms may increase

07/28/2016 - Watch out for toxic algae lurking in lake

07/27/2016 - Toxic Algae Blooms Could Be A Routine Occurrence In Florida

07/26/2016 - Airborne Toxins Detected at Worst Algae Sites

07/23/2016 - Algae blooms a blight in Leon lakes

07/15/2016 - Thick, layered green algae blooms covering Cape canals

07/14/2016 - Lake Okeechobee draining will be reduced to combat coastal algae blooms

07/13/2016 - Algae outbreak again plagues southern Florida beaches, tourism

07/13/2016 - D.C. lawmakers get look at murky water, algae

07/12/2016 - Scott tries to rally federal support to help with algae

07/12/2016 - Green slime emerges in Brevard County canals

07/08/2016 - Toxic Algal Blooms Aren’t Just Florida’s Problem. And They’re On The Rise.

07/07/2016 - Algae bloom in Lake Tarpon outfall canal causes large fish kill

07/06/2016 - State of emergency extended in Martin County due to algae bloom

07/06/2016 - Is toxic algae moving to Central Florida?

07/06/2016 - Satellite Images Show Massive Algae Bloom Taking Over Florida Lake

07/05/2016 - 'Guacamole Thick' Toxic Algae Bloom Prompts State of Emergency in Florida


07/01/2016 - Reeking, Oozing Algae Closes South Florida Beaches

06/29/2016 - Fisherman spots blue-green algae in water near Collier County

06/28/2016 - Algae bloom, bacterial spike close several South Florida beaches

06/27/2016 - Local leaders demand 'State Of Emergency' for toxic algae bloom

06/26/2016 - Algae alerts now in Martin and St. Lucie counties

06/25/2016 - Blue-green algae spotted on Stuart Beach

06/24/2016 - Tests confirm toxic algae in St. Lucie River in Martin County

06/23/2016 - Toxic algae blooms increasing in South Florida

06/21/2016 - Massive Lake Okeechobee algae bloom getting more toxic

06/21/2016 - Green-algae blooms spotted in multiple locations around Martin County waterways

06/15/2016 - Green algal blooms sighted in Doctors Lake and St. Johns River

06/09/2016 - No quick fix to rid St. Lucie River of algae 

05/29/2016 - Possible blue-green algae spotted along South Fork of St. Lucie River

05/24/2016 - Algae blooms close Franklin Park on the Caloosahatchee River

05/23/2016 - Toxic algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee sparks safety concerns

05/17/2016 - Lake Okeechobee algae bloom threatens to worsen water woes

05/13/2016 - Possible toxic algae reaches Stuart

05/12/2016 - Is Lake Okeechobee blue-green algae bloom a toxic threat to St. Lucie River?

05/06/2016 - Red Tide Still Active In Tampa Bay Area

04/29/2016 - Red tide clings to Southwest Florida coastline

04/26/2016 - Signs of New Algal Bloom in Indian River Lagoon

04/18/2016 - Red Tide In Tampa Bay: What You Need To Know

04/11/2016 - High red tide levels found along Pinellas County beaches

04/09/2016 - Some reports of red tide at beaches

04/08/2016 - Red tide detected along parts of Bay area beaches

03/23/2016 - Algae bloom 'brown tide' detected in portion of Sarasota Bay

03/20/2016 - Brown Tide Causes Massive Fish Kill In The Indian River Lagoon

03/09/2016 - Brown tide darkens normally blue-green Banana River

02/27/2016 - Latest report on Suncoast red tide conditions

02/12/2016 - Deformed fish reported in algae bloom-plagued Indian River Lagoon

02/12/2016 - Red tide lurking along shores of Collier County

02/11/2016 - Red tide counts high along SWFL coast

02/11/2016 - Medium levels of red tide reported off Manatee, Sarasota

02/08/2016 - High surf, rip current, red tide warnings for Manatee

02/06/2016 - Red Tide Returns to Some Florida Beaches

02/04/2016 - Red tide creates fishy situation on Sanibel shores

08/14/2014 - Toxic Algae Bloom Heads Toward Florida

11/27/2013 - Signs of red tide reported near Wiggins Pass

10/09/2013 - Riverkeeper: Stay away from the St. Johns

09/17/2013 - Algae bloom kills fish in Satellite Beach canal, FWC says

08/12/2013 - Algae blooms invading Cape Coral canals

07/18/2013 - New Clue Emerges in Mysterious Manatee Die-Off in Florida

07/17/2013 - State Senate committee to tackle lagoon problems

07/17/2013 - Rescued manatee 'Nicky Bubbles' released

07/17/2013 - Toxins on Indian River Lagoon seaweed might be killing manatees, but mystery remains

07/17/2013 - Manatees Are Dying With Suspicious Seaweed in Their Mouths

07/13/2013 - Toxic algae bloom studied in Indian River

06/19/2013 - Gulf of Mexico Faces Record-Breaking Dead Zone With Devastating Consequences

06/19/2013 - Biologists race to solve mysterious mass animal deaths in Florida lagoon

02/06/2013 - Red tide alert issued in Florida

12/28/2012 - Red tide kills thousands of fish in Sarasota

11/20/2012 - Health department to post signs at lake with algae bloom

10/03/2012 - Red tide affects Sarasota and Charlotte beaches

04/11/2012 - Health Department issues river advisory

10/13/2011 - Red Tide in Gulf Advancing Toward Sarsota

06/23/2011 - Groups team up to help fight toxic algae

06/08/2011 - Crisis in the Caloosahatchee: Algal blooms in local waters

09/15/2010 - Algae bloom found off N. Naples beaches

12/09/2009 - Florida’s Turf War Over Fertilizer Pollution Heats Up

12/05/2009 - Florida utilities, state politicians take on federal EPA over clean water regulations

10/20/2009 - Patch of red tide suspected in offshore fish kill

09/05/2009 - Sporting Clay: Keep away from the blue-green algae



09/08/2017 - High E. coli levels, harmful algae blooms found at Lake Lowell

09/06/2017 - Potentially toxic algae found in water sample will close down popular Boise pond

08/28/2017 - Idaho's Lake Lowell Dealing With Big Algae Bloom

08/26/2017 - Toxic algae prompts health advisory for SW Idaho lake

07/26/2017 - Blue-green algae health advisory issued for Thorn Creek Reservoir

07/25/2017 - Toxic algae found in Elmore County reservoirs

06/23/2017 - Health advisory issued for Mormon Reservoir

11/22/2016 - Vet: Toxic algae near Rupert kills dogs, horses

10/03/2016 - Toxic blue-green algae prompts health advisory for Magic Reservoir

08/20/2016 - Fernan algae advisory now for entire lake

08/17/2016 - Toxic Algae Health Advisory Issued for Henrys Lake and Island Park Reservoir

08/12/2016 - Health officials warn of blue-green algae at Mormon Reservoir

07/31/2016 - Toxic algae is in Brownlee

07/30/2016 - Idaho DEQ Confirms Potentially Harmful Algae Levels in Snake River

07/22/2016 - People, pets urged to avoid algae in Snake River south of Hells Canyon Dam

07/19/2016 - Advisories issued for Hauser, Hayden

08/19/2015 - Health alert issued for Henry's Lake

07/10/2015 - Toxic algae blooms found in 3 N. Idaho lakes

06/26/2015 - Health advisory issued for Fernan Lake

06/29/2013 - Fernan Lake tested positive for blue-green algae; health advisory issued

03/21/2012 - Boise and EPA reach deal to clean up Boise River

10/01/2010 - Harmful algae blooms found in Hauser Lake

09/30/2009 - Toxic algae in Long Lake

07/17/2009 - Officials warn of potentially harmful algae at Lake Lowell



09/14/2017 - One Kansas lake closed, 11 under warning for algae outbreak

08/31/2017 - Health warnings issued for 11 Kansas lakes

08/11/2017 - Multiple northeast Kansas lakes under public health warning for blue-green algae

08/04/2017 - Harmful algae blooms occur in two NW Kansas lakes

07/20/2017 - Warning issued for three Kansas lakes because of harmful algae

07/02/2017 - Algae warnings issued for eight Kansas lakes

06/20/2017 - County lake joins reservoir on algae warning list

06/15/2017 - 5 Kansas lakes under health warning due to blue-green algae

06/08/2017 - Two northwest Kan. lakes battling blue-green algae

06/01/2017 - Marion Reservoir closed due to blue-green algae bloom

11/21/2016 - Elkhorn Lake On Advisory For Blue-Green Algae

08/26/2016 - Kansas health warning issued over algae blooms in 5 lakes

08/18/2016 - Health officials warn public of toxic blue-green algae bloom in Kansas

08/14/2016 - Algae warning issued for four Kansas lakes

08/11/2016 - Lake Afton has had blue-green algae for most of the summer

07/28/2016 - Lake Afton among KDHE list of blue-green algae warnings

07/22/2016 - Blue-green algae bloom affects Melvern Outlet Pond

07/02/2016 - Maybe you should rethink taking a dip in Lake Afton

06/17/2016 - Kansas lakes under warning after algae bloom

06/14/2016 - Reservoir back on blue-green algae warning

06/09/2016 - Health warning issued for Cheney Lake

06/02/2016 - Kansas health warning issued over algae blooms in 3 lakes

08/21/2015 - Blue-green algae warnings continue for 11 Kansas lakes

07/23/2015 - Officials issue blue-green algae warnings for six Kansas lakes

07/16/2015 - Smithville Lake Blue-Green Algae Bloom

08/22/2014 - Blue-Green Algae Blooms In Kansas Lakes

07/17/2014 - 7 Kansas lakes under blue-green algae warnings

10/10/2013 - Public Health Advisories, Warnings Concerning Blue-Green Algae in Kansas Waters

09/09/2013 - Hiawatha lake on toxic algae list

07/19/2013 - Local lakes contain toxic levels of blue-green algae

07/12/2013 - Toxic Algae Prompts Lake Warnings

06/13/2013 - Toxic blue-green algae bloom affecting Veterans Lake

11/13/2012 - Five Lakes Stay on Kansas Warning or Advisory List

06/29/2011 - Toxic algae close swimming beaches

06/24/2011 - Toxic algae close reservoir beaches

10/22/2010 - Toxic algae still plagues Vets Lake

09/04/2010 - Blue-green Algae in Kansas Waters Update



10/18/2017 - Toxic algae found in Northbridge pond

08/11/2017 - Toxic algae poses risks in some Massachusetts ponds

08/01/2017 - Stay Out Of The Charles River: Toxic Algae Blooms Detected

06/25/2017 - Indian Lake to be closed for algae treatment

05/04/2017 - Red tide closes Nauset Marsh system to shellfishing

10/12/2016 - Toxic algae shuts down shellfish harvest south of Cape Cod

10/11/2016 - Massachusetts closing shellfishing areas due to toxic bloom

09/26/2016 - Westborough warns of blue-green algae in Lake Chauncy

09/05/2016 - Toxic Blue-Green Algae blooms on Charles River

08/16/2016 - Major algae bloom outbreak in Cotuit, Osterville

01/11/2016 - Toxic Algae Blooms Ruin Popular Recreational Pond

07/19/2013 - Another algae bloom emerges at Lake Attitash

06/21/2013 - Blue-green algae reappears in Lake Attitash

04/24/2013 - Red Tides shuts Nauset Marsh

08/14/2012 - Buzzards Bay hit by ‘rust tide’ for seventh year

06/14/2012 - Fish kills fade, troublesome algae remain

03/21/2012 - Council funnels $45,000 into treating Lake Attitash

03/08/2012 - Red tide cuts shellfishing off Nauset

09/28/2011 - Toxic algae found in Westboro's Lake Chauncy

06/16/2011 - Algae forces 2 ponds to close

06/08/2011 - Pembroke pond closed after girls get sick

05/25/2011 - Red tide shuts shellfish beds from Boston to Plymouth

05/19/2011 - Red Tide shuts down clam beds

08/21/2010 - High bacteria levels to keep lake closed

08/19/2010 - Arlington warns swimmers about Spy Pond algae

08/07/2010 - Toxic algae closes Lake Attitash in Amesbury

08/04/2010 - Algae bloom closes Sassaquin Pond

04/15/2010 - Red tide shuts down Nauset shellfishing

07/02/2009 - Toxic Algae Bloom Closes Hinckley’s Pond

05/26/2009 - Red tide affects shellfish beds on the North Shore and areas around Hull and the Outer Boston Harbor islands

05/23/2009 - Harvests halted by red tide



10/09/2017 - City Works To Stop Algae Bloom In Lake Cadillac

09/14/2017 - Warm temperatures blamed for algae blooms in Lake Cadillac

09/13/2017 - Toxic algae found in Long Lake

08/09/2017 - Potentially toxic algae found in 2 Oakland County lakes

08/01/2017 - Inland lakes at risk for algae blooms

11/10/2016 - Algal blooms lead to ‘impaired’ designation for Lake Erie

10/03/2016 - Sanford Lake algae levels exceed WHO drinking standards Levels below recreational contact standards

09/18/2016 - Sanford Lake: 'Perfect Storm' produces algae

08/25/2016 - As toxic algae bloom spreads, will Michigan add Lake Erie to impaired list?

07/25/2016 - Cyanobacteria detected in western basin

01/25/2016 - Harmful Lake Erie algal blooms worsened by power plant pollution

12/17/2015 - Study: Rising lake temperatures may worsen algae blooms

11/24/2015 - Michigan, Neighboring Governments Work to Reduce Lake Erie Pollution

09/30/2015 - In toxic Lake Erie algae battle, Michigan shows a sign of progress

08/13/2015 - In Michigan, Crisis Looming in the Great Lakes

08/04/2015 - Algae Boom in Lake Erie

07/28/2015 - Toxic Lake Erie algae spotted but drinking water safe

07/09/2015 - ‘Severe’ algal blooms forecast this summer on Lake Erie

07/09/2015 - Lake Erie Algae Forecast Worse than 2014 Bloom that Cut Off Water Supplies

08/23/2014 - Despite cleaner St. Clair River flowing into Lake Erie, harmful algal blooms continue

08/04/2014 - Harmful Algal Blooms and Drinking Water Problems

07/11/2014 - Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast for 2014

03/18/2014 - Lake Erie Is Turning To Slime

09/14/2013 - Green Menace of toxic algae threatening Lake Erie

08/15/2013 - Scientists: ‘Dead Zones’ Showing Up In Green Bay

08/14/2013 - Toxic algae spur warning at Lake Erie beach near Toledo

07/21/2013 - Algae in Lake Erie scaring off tourists

07/21/2013 - Smelly, slimy algae is scaring tourists away from Lake Erie

07/18/2013 - Health Advisory Issued About Algae

10/06/2011 - Study: Mussels, nutrients damage Great Lakes

New Mexico

New Mexico

6/25/2013 - Algae blooms at Tingley

New York

New York

11/14/2017 - Scientists dig deeper in fight against algae in Finger Lakes

10/18/2017 - Algae toxins found in Skaneateles Lake 40 feet below deepest intake pipe

10/13/2017 - Brown tide returns to the Great South Bay

10/3/2017 - Four local lakes report harmful algae blooms

9/29/2017 - More Upstate NY lakes have toxic algae blooms after big heat wave

9/21/2017 - Toxic algae blooms found in Orange, Sullivan

9/20/2017 - It's bad and it's everywhere: Harmful algal blooms plague Owasco, Skaneateles, Cayuga lakes

9/16/2017 - Officials warn threat of blue-green algae still lurks in lakes

9/16/2017 - Potentially toxic algae found in Skaneateles Lake, source of Syracuse drinking water

9/15/2017 - Harmful algal blooms continue to be found in Cayuga County-area lakes

9/15/2017 - Algal blooms found in Conesus Lake

9/13/2017 - Blue-Green Algae Bloom Developed at Lawson Lake County Park

9/13/2017 - Long Island Reports Record-Breaking Toxic Algae

9/1/2017 - Blue-Green Algae Blooms Found In Sagaponack, Officials Say

8/29/2017 - Toxic algae persists at Chautauqua Lake, other inland waters

8/23/2017 - Rust tide returns to Long Island for 13th consecutive year

8/21/2017 - Algal blooms Continue to Create Problems on Chautauqua Lake

8/14/2017 - Sullivan lake algal bloom considered toxic

8/11/2017 - Blue-Green Algal Blooms Found In Montauk, Officials Say

8/4/2017 - Toxic algae found in Keuka Lake

7/30/2017 - Beachgoers frustrated that Oneida Shores swimming is off limits

7/26/2017 - Mohegan Lake Closed For Swimming Due To Toxic Algae Bloom

7/26/2017 - Local Bodies of Water May Have Harmful Algae Blooms

7/21/2017 - 39 New York lakes and ponds have toxic blue-green algae, state says

7/18/2017 - Cayuga County closes 2 beaches for harmful algae blooms

7/12/2017 - Harmful Algal Blooms Discovered On Chautauqua Lake

7/10/2017 - Season's first three toxic algal blooms appear in inland WNY waters

7/6/2017 - People and pets warned of blue-green algae at Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn

6/23/2017 - Harmful algae blooms in Lake Lacoma in Perinton

6/9/2017 - Georgica Pond Closed Due to Toxic Algae Bloom

5/11/2017 - Suffolk: Avoid Agawam Lake in Hamptons because of algae bloom

4/27/2017 - Harmful Algae Found In Pond In Huntington Bay

1/4/2017 - Toxic Owasco Lake algae infiltrates public water supply

12/4/2016 - Blue-Green Algae Bloom Reported In Mill Pond

11/2/2016 - Recent algal bloom was late and different

10/18/2016 - Toxic Plankton Shuts Down Shellfishing, Algae Raises Alarm

10/14/2016 - Health Department reports algae bloom on Conesus Lake

10/6/2016 - Toxic Algae Invades The Finger Lakes

9/29/2016 - Blue-green algae toxin in drinking water worries upstate New York

9/27/2016 - Toxins from blue-green algae blooms found in Auburn, Owasco drinking water

9/25/2016 - Another algae bloom detected

9/17/2016 - Cyanobacteria Blooms Found in Big Reed Pond in Montauk

9/14/2016 - More blue-green algae blooms found on Owasco Lake

9/12/2016 - Harmful Algae Bloom Hits Dryden Lake

9/11/2016 - Toxic blue-green algae surges in local lakes

9/7/2016 - Harmful algal bloom is confirmed to be present in Cannonsville Reservoir

9/3/2016 - Health Department: Blue-green algae found at Adams Point on Owasco Lake

9/1/2016 - Harmful Algae Blooms confirmed on Seneca Lake

8/31/2016 - Dangerous Dinoflagellate: Look Out for Rust Tide

8/27/2016 - Algae Bloom Suspends Y Swim At Gilbert Lake

8/26/2016 - Officials warn of toxic algae blooms in Chautauqua Lake

8/25/2016 - Another (yes, another) potentially harmful algal bloom on the Wallkill

8/23/2016 - Blue-Green Algae Blooms Discovered In Mecox Bay

8/19/2016 - Algae bloom warning in Niagara Falls

8/12/2016 - Harmful algae found in two East End ponds, Suffolk officials say

8/5/2016 - Toxic blue-green algae confirmed in Owasco Lake

7/30/2016 - Beach closed after harmful algal bloom discovered on Owasco Lake

7/29/2016 - Health officials: Beware toxic blue-green algae in Syracuse's Hiawatha Lake

7/28/2016 - Verona Beach closed to swimmers until algae subsides

7/26/2016 - Harmful Algae Blooms Found In Two More Local Ponds

7/13/2016 - Poisonous Algae Harmful to Pets Detected in Central Park Lake, Turtle Pond: Report

7/11/2016 - Toxic Algae Blooms Found Again in Prospect Park Lake

7/11/2016 - Health dept. cautions about Andover algal bloom

7/1/2016 - Toxic Algae Bloom Forces Closure Of Georgica Pond To Crabbing, Swimming

6/28/2016 - More algae blooms at Conesus Lake

6/24/2016 - State Identifies Harmful Algae Bloom in Old Town Pond

6/22/2016 - Algae bloom on Conesus Lake appears localized; health department to reassess beach

6/21/2016 - State Identifies Harmful Algae Blooms In Southampton And Water Mill

6/17/2016 - Two Central NY beaches closed due to toxic algae outbreak

6/13/2016 - New Blue-Green Algae Blooms Found In Agawam, Wickapogue Ponds

6/10/2016 - Suffolk County Reports New Cyanobacteria Blooms in Mattituck and Southampton

6/6/2016 - Wainscott Pond has toxic algal bloom, health officials say

5/26/2016 - Mahogany tide probably blooming in Bellport Bay

5/11/2016 - Owasco Lake likely to be on DEC's list of impaired waters

5/11/2016 - Peconic River is turning brown with dense ‘mahogany tide,’ algal bloom blamed in last year’s massive fish kills

5/6/2016 - County: Algal blooms found in Laurel Lake

5/2/2016 - Wickapogue Pond Contaminated With Blue-Green Algae Blooms

10/15/2013 - Brown tide returns, threating shellfish

9/20/2013 - Rust tide spreads throughout bays

9/14/2013 - Green Menace of toxic algae threatening Lake Erie

8/22/2013 - Algae mucks up state park swimming

8/21/2013 - Residents warned to avoid shoreline areas of Cazenovia Lake due to harmful algae

8/20/2013 - Blue-Green Algae Blooms Popping Up On Lake Champlain

8/20/2013 - Toxic 'Rust Tide' Makes An Unwelcome Return To The Peconic Estuary, Local Bays

8/14/2013 - Toxic algae spur warning at Lake Erie beach near Toledo

8/5/2013 - Blue-green algae bloom found in Lake Ronkonkoma

8/1/2013 - Health officials advise swimmers to avoid Oneida Lake algae blooms

7/25/2013 - Toxic Algae Appears in Southampton Waterways

7/21/2013 - Algae in Lake Erie scaring off tourists

7/21/2013 - Smelly, slimy algae is scaring tourists away from Lake Erie

7/20/2013 - Health advisory: avoid algae blooms in Butterfield Lake

7/18/2013 - Health Advisory Issued About Algae

7/17/2013 - Residents urged to be cautious of blue-green algae

5/15/2013 - Toxic Red Tide Returns, Shellfishing Banned In Sag Harbor

9/8/2012 - Toxic blue-green algae blooms in area waters

9/6/2012 - ‘Rust tide’ creeps into the Peconics

8/31/2012 - Red Tide Plagues Noyac Bay

8/2/2012 - New Yorkers Warned of Health Danger from Recent “Red Tides”

7/5/2012 - Red tide algae a problem at Bowne

5/29/2012 - East Hampton Wary As Red Tide Hits Southamtpon

5/11/2011 - State Closes Shellfishing In Western Shinnecock Bay After Toxin Is Detected

4/14/2011 - Harmful algae found in Northport waters

9/7/2010 - Beware of the red tide! U.S. Coast Guard says 10-mile-long trail of algae in NY Harbor is dangerous

8/27/2010 - Sodus Point beaches closed due to potentially toxic algae

8/4/2010 - Toxic algae bloom might be worse this year

9/8/2009 - Toxic 'red tide' returns to East End bays



11/7/2017 - Harmful algae bloom on Lake Erie this year one of worst

11/5/2017 - Lake Erie algal bloom as large as predicted, hurting fishing charters, but sparing island tourism

10/4/2017 - Hundreds of Miles of Potentially Toxic Algae Chokes the Western Basin of Lake Erie Again

9/27/2017 - Warm weather and drought sparks algae blooms in Mill Creek MetroPark

9/25/2017 - Algal bloom on Lake Erie thrives in September heat wave

9/8/2017 - Toledo Watches Water As Algae Blooms Return To Lake Erie

8/30/2017 - Harmful algal blooms continue to plague Lake Erie, threaten drinking water, fish, pets

8/25/2017 - Algae blooms found in several more bodies of water

8/21/2017 - Toxic algae increasing in Kiser Lake, state studying solutions

8/14/2017 - Algal blooms forming on Lake Erie

8/1/2017 - Harmful algae bloom discovered

7/31/2017 - Harmful algal blooms reported in two locations

7/3/2017 - Elevated warning issued for Champaign Co. lake toxic algae levels

6/23/2017 - Health advisory posted at Kiser Lake due to algae bloom

6/20/2017 - Buckeye Lake under algal bloom advisory

8/4/2016 - Photos show Lake Erie algal blooms are growing

7/31/2016 - Sandusky Bay algae produces toxins

7/29/2016 - Defiance algae bloom appears to be different from one in June

7/27/2016 - Algae bloom problems for St. Marys

7/15/2016 - Lake Erie algal bloom forming in Central Basin poses little danger to Cleveland, scientists say

7/15/2016 - Lake Erie harmful algae bloom now spreading east

7/3/2016 - Toledo officials seek federal help with Lake Erie algae

6/23/2016 - Harsha Lake under health advisory

6/17/2016 - Algae Toxin Levels Prompt Erection Of Warning Signs At Buckeye Lake

6/14/2016 - Dangerous levels of cyanobacteria found at East Fork State Park

6/11/2016 - The threat of toxic blue green algae

6/10/2016 - State checking toxic algae levels in Buckeye Lake

6/5/2016 - Algal bloom in Maumee River

5/31/2016 - Officials on toxic algae at Grand Lake St. Marys: ‘conditions are improving’

5/31/2016 - Ohio State Parks respond to harmful algal bloom

8/2/2014 - Toledo water improving but toxins still a concern for 2nd day

9/14/2013 - Green Menace of toxic algae threatening Lake Erie

9/5/2013 - Officials: Carroll Township residents SHOULD NOT drink water, Harmful algal toxins found

8/14/2013 - Toxic algae spur warning at Lake Erie beach near Toledo

7/21/2013 - Algae in Lake Erie scaring off tourists

7/21/2013 - Smelly, slimy algae is scaring tourists away from Lake Erie

7/18/2013 - Lake Erie’s algae carries big-picture fiscal threat

7/18/2013 - Health Advisory Issued About Algae

7/16/2013 - Ohio's toxic algae blooms are expected to hit higher levels than last year

6/8/2013 - Ohio reservoir tested after harmful algae found

5/24/2013 - State Officials Issue Toxic Algae Warning for Grand Lake St. Marys

9/27/2012 - Second Lake Erie Beach Has Toxic Algae

3/5/2012 - Erie Algae A Major Problem For Ohio

7/13/2011 - Toxic algae found in state lake in Muskingum County

11/22/2010 - Toxin advisory warns duck hunters off Wingfoot Lake

10/4/2010 - Going green: Summer algal blooms extend into October on Lake Erie, other inland Ohio lakes

9/21/2010 - Don't go near the water!

9/1/2010 - Geauga County lake subject of latest toxic-algae advisory

8/23/2010 - Three lakes taken off toxic list and one added

8/17/2010 - Bacteria identified at another Ohio park lake

7/27/2010 - Record high phosphorus levels recorded in two Lake Erie tributaries

7/19/2010 - St. Marys' algae hits worst point of summer

7/17/2010 - Grand Lake crisis could take 20 years to remedy

7/12/2010 - The good, the bad and the algae

9/23/2009 - Increase in Lake Erie algae worries scientists; system will help sound warning

9/17/2009 - NOAA Announces an Experimental Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast Bulletin for Lake Erie

7/16/2009 - Toxic algae found in lake



9/1/2017 - Blue algae alert issued for Klamath County lake

6/22/2017 - Blue-green algae incidence found in south Lake

6/15/2017 - Still no clean bill of health for Summit Lake — but it’s close

6/12/2017 - Harmful algae bloom found in Coos County lake

6/2/2017 - Toxic algae taints Detroit Lake

9/7/2016 - Blue Lake closed to fishing, swimming, wading after algae bloom spotted in water

8/25/2016 - Toxic algae blooms plague one of Oregon's natural wonders

8/19/2016 - Health advisory issued for Ross Island Lagoon due to algae bloom

7/10/2016 - Toxic algae advisory expanded to Agency, Upper Klamath lakes

7/8/2016 - Algae health advisory widened on Lake Billy Chinook

7/1/2016 - Algae health alert issued for part of Lake Billy Chinook

6/25/2016 - Health advisory: Toxic algae confirmed in Howard Bay

12/17/2015 - Spread of algal toxin through marine food web broke records in 2015

12/17/2015 - ‘Unprecedented’ Toxic Algal Blooms Off West Coast Hurt Sea Lions, Contaminate Sea Food

6/27/2015 - Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard: An Algal Bloom of Epic Proportions

10/9/2013 - Blue-green algae advisory for Tenmile Lakes

9/13/2013 - Toxic algae warning issued for Walterville Pond

8/17/2013 - Algae alert issued for Fern Ridge Lake

8/3/2013 - Swimming section of triathlon canceled due to toxic algae bloom

7/17/2013 - Watch out for toxic algae, which can be fatal to dogs

6/20/2013 - Health warning issued for toxic algae in Lost Creek Lake

8/28/2012 - High levels of blue-green algae in Blue Lake present possible health threats

7/2/2011 - Fish Lake warning sent over levels of toxic algae

7/2/2010 - Willow Lake algae bloom hangs on

5/23/2010 - Willow Lake algae advisory could be lifted soon

11/22/2009 - Toxic algae may be harming endangered suckers in Klamath Lake

10/23/2009 - Help on the way for bird rehabilitators

9/30/2009 - Toxic algae in Long Lake

9/14/2009 - Blue Green Algae found in reservoir near Heppner, OR

9/14/2009 - Scott and Shasta Rivers are De-Watered

8/14/2009 - Blue-green algae bloom remains at Silver Lake

6/15/2009 - Dangerous algae blooms spotted at Lost Creek Lake

South Carolina





10/27/2017 - Utah’s toxic algal blooms persist as weather cools, may outlive health warning advisories

10/20/2017 - Algal Bloom Warnings Posted at 3 More Utah Water Bodies

10/18/2017 - Update: Toxic algal advisory remains in affect until Monday for Echo and Rockport reservoirs

9/15/2017 - Warning signs posted at Deer Creek Reservoir due to small toxic algal bloom

9/13/2017 - Algae bloom prompts advisory for Mantua Reservoir

9/11/2017 - Algae outbreak infects Weber County pond, scum plagues other lakes

9/9/2017 - Health Department warns of potential toxic algae bloom near Ogden’s 21st Street Pond

8/29/2017 - Utah Lake’s algal bloom heading into third month and may last a few more

6/29/2017 - Algal bloom returns to Utah Lake in Provo area

8/31/2016 - Algal crisis crops up on popular Carbon County reservoir

8/30/2016 - Algal Bloom Advisories Increased in 2 More Bodies of Water

8/22/2016 - Toxic algae rises again at Utah Lake

8/22/2016 - Utah County algal bloom advisories increased in 3 waterbodies

8/3/2016 - Algal blooms prompt warnings to stay out of Payson's Big East Lake

7/19/2016 - Effects of algal blooms continue to spread throughout Wasatch Front

7/19/2016 - Utah County portion of Jordan River closed due to toxic algal bloom

7/17/2016 - Officials: Utah Lake algal bloom spreading to Jordan River, nearby canals

7/14/2016 - Possibly toxic algae poses health risk at Utah Lake

7/13/2016 - Health officials confirm potentially harmful algal bloom toxins found in Utah Lake

6/14/2016 - 71 percent of Utah’s lakes don’t meet standards, with toxic algae growing into a major issue



01/29/2018 - Algae blooms continue but toxins decline in Jefferson County lakes

12/01/2017 - Toxic Algae Health Warning in Effect for Summit Lake

11/30/2017 - Algae Bloom Prompts Warning at Offut Lake

10/26/2017 - Clear Lake Under Blue-Green Algae Advisory

10/14/2017 - Safety advisories issued for two Thurston County lakes

09/19/2017 - Toxic algae advisory issued for Thurston County lake

09/01/2017 - Three lakes remain under toxic algae alert

08/18/2017 - High levels of toxic algae confirmed at Long Lake

08/04/2017 - Toxic algae advisory issued for Lake Tapps

06/03/2017 - Advisory issued after toxic algae found at Lake Tapps

05/14/2017 - Summit Lake residents warned not to drink water due to toxic algae concerns

05/09/2017 - ‘Extremely high levels’ of toxic algae confirmed at Summit Lake

02/28/2017 - Time to clean up Waughop Lake

12/06/2016 - Scientists Confirm: “the Blob” Really Messed Up the Northeast Pacific

11/22/2016 - Potentially Toxic Algal Blooms Seen At Arrowhead Point

11/22/2016 - Avoid Harmful Algal Bloom At Lake Wilderness

11/17/2016 - Algae bloom releasing toxins on northwest side of Lake Padden

10/11/2016 - Health Department: Toxic Algae Advisory for Lake Steilacoom

10/04/2016 - Algal bloom may delay coastal clamming season

08/19/2016 - Scooteney Reservoir Experiencing Toxic Algae Bloom

08/18/2016 - People urged to stay out of Lake Tapps after dozen people sickened, toxic algae found

08/14/2016 - Toxic Algae Found in Blackmans Lake

08/04/2016 - Toxic algae found in Lake Lowell

07/25/2016 - Fiorito Lake near Ellensburg ruled too toxic to enter

07/24/2016 - ‘Unsafe' toxin found in Rufus Woods Lake

06/10/2016 - Warning: Algae Bloom Found At Pritchard Beach

05/06/2016 - Pattison Lake still under toxic algae advisory

04/28/2016 - Toxic Algae Still Present in Area Lakes

04/19/2016 - Toxic algae advisories continue at two Thurston County lakes

04/10/2016 - Toxic algae blooms close 2 Washington lakes

04/04/2016 - Toxic Algae Advisories in Effect for Long Lake and Pattison Lake

12/17/2015 - Spread of algal toxin through marine food web broke records in 2015

12/17/2015 - ‘Unprecedented’ Toxic Algal Blooms Off West Coast Hurt Sea Lions, Contaminate Sea Food

06/27/2015 - Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard: An Algal Bloom of Epic Proportions

09/17/2013 - 'Red tide' reported in Brownsville Marina

09/11/2013 - Toxic algae found in some areas of Green Lake

08/29/2013 - Toxic Algae Bloom Found in Lake Steilacoom

07/24/2013 - Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxin Closes Beaches In South Puget Sound For First Time

10/25/2012 - Toxic algae detected in Pass Lake

10/05/2012 - Toxic blue-green algae blooms reported in Spokane/ Columbia counties

09/06/2012 - Area above Wanapum Dam may also contain toxic algae bloom

08/15/2012 - 'Red tide' closure for shellfish harvesting expands

07/10/2012 - Marine Toxins Stop Northwest Shellfish Harvesting

05/14/2012 - Algae Boom in Puget Sound

05/13/2012 - Toxin Levels Skyrocket at Anderson Lake

05/03/2012 - Anderson Lake closed because of high toxin level

07/24/2011 - Anderson Lake toxin levels remain lethal

06/18/2011 - Anderson Lake toxins nearly triple

06/12/2011 - Peninsula Poll Backgrounder: Anderson Lake closed because of toxic algae, but rest of state park operating

06/04/2011 - Toxin level increases in Anderson Lake

08/16/2010 - Silver Lake algae bloom prompts warning from county

08/05/2010 - Vancouver Lake algae prompts advisory

07/14/2010 - Toxic algae found in Washington lakes

06/10/2010 - Toxic algae continues to bloom at Waughop

05/19/2010 - Anderson Lake closed by toxic algae again

05/17/2010 - Lone Lake closed because of toxic algal bloom

11/16/2009 - Washington State Toxic Algae Threatens Razor Clam Harvesting and Coastal Economy

10/28/2009 - Rescue center aids hundreds of at-risk birds

10/22/2009 - Foam from ocean algae bloom killing thousands of birds

10/10/2009 - Spike in dead sea otters catches wildlife officials' attention

10/09/2009 - Toxic levels of algae return to Lake Wilderness

09/27/2009 - Toxic algae still keeping Jefferson lakes closed

09/20/2009 - Lakewood City Manager council report (September 18)

09/17/2009 - Red tide found in Bellingham Bay, shellfish harvest closed

09/12/2009 - Deadly algae closes Leland, Gibbs lakes to recreational use

08/27/2009 - More White Center notes: Evergreen Pool closure; Hicks Lake algae

05/31/2009 - Anderson, Leland lakes still off limits because of toxic algae





05/16/2016 - Algae choking Siem Reap River

04/04/2016 - Government Issues Warning Over Algae Bloom Off Kep Coast


06/20/2017 - Around China: Annual algae scourge takes a more troublesome turn

05/28/2017 - Algae bloom observed in sea off China

03/13/2017 - Suspected red tide sighted at Stanley Main Beach

12/21/2016 - When going green isn’t good: algal bloom threatens China’s mangrove forest

07/12/2016 - Tons of Neon Green Algae Litter Chinese Beaches

06/30/2016 - Algal bloom

03/07/3016 - Beaches swamped with suspected red tides as sunseekers told to stay away

01/06/2016 - Red tides hit HK waters

07/06/2013 - Huge Algae Bloom Affects Qingdao China

06/25/2013 - 7 square kilometer red tide haunts Xiamen waters

06/06/2013 - Harmful algae plagues E China's Chaohu Lake

05/28/2013 - Beach closes due to red tide

03/22/2013 - Red Tides Sighted Over Past Week

05/29/2012 - Algal Bloom Kills Millions of Abalone in E China

11/29/2010 - Suspected red tide sighted at Deep Water Bay Beach

11/26/2010 - Xiamen Wuyuan Bay threatened by poor water quality

10/29/2010 - The tale of Tai Lake

11/30/2009 - Lessons from China's Three Gorges Dam


12/18/2012 - Red tide still at worrying level – Fisheries Dept

05/14/2010 - Increasing red tides a threat to fish farming


01/08/2018 - Red alert over green cover at frothing Hussainsagar

12/30/2017 - Algae attack on lifeline river

05/24/2017 - Powai lake turns bluish-green

12/05/2016 - A new dead zone in the Indian Ocean could impact future marine nutrient balance

09/20/2016 - Fresh algae blooms threaten the Dal lake

07/31/2016 - Weeds, Red bloom engulf Dal Lake

05/19/2016 - Green is not always good, not at least in Powai

04/18/2016 - Fish in Ukkadam turn green, heavy effluent discharge into lake to blame

04/17/2016 - Pollution kills hundreds of fish in Moradabad

05/31/2010 - Algal blooms in India threaten access to food, livelihood


12/09/2010 - ‘Red tide’ kills 32 tons of sea animals in Iran


05/05/2017 - Red Tide Colors Kamakura Beaches


12/29/2017 - Algae and rubbish mar Taman Aman lake

10/31/2016 - Red tide hits Tanjung Gelam beach in Kuala Nerus

04/18/2016 - Signs of pollution in Putrajaya Lake

07/22/2013 - Avoid shellfish in Sabah’s west coast

06/07/2013 - Red tide toxin in Sabah continues to make shellfish unsafe to eat

12/13/2012 - Dept: Red tide detected in Sabah waters


03/06/2013 - Red Tide Detected off Labuan


02/10/2018 - Red Tide Hits North Batinah Governorate: MOAF

01/20/2018 - Algae bloom driving up desalination cost in Oman

01/01/2018 - Steer clear of algae bloom off Oman coast

05/04/2017 - Algal bloom results in deaths of sardines near Sidab coast

03/15/2017 - Toxic Algae Bloom Growing in Arabian Sea Endangers Marine Life

03/15/2017 - Growing algae bloom in Arabian Sea tied to climate change


03/29/2017 - A Mexico-sized algae bloom is threatening Pakistani coast


02/25/2018 - Red tide warning remains in Lianga Bay

12/15/2017 - Red tide scourge up at Lianga Bay, Surigao del Sur

12/07/2017 - Honda Bay tests positive for red tide

12/06/2017 - Red tide found in Palawan, parts of Visayas – BFAR

11/17/2017 - Bataan coastal waters test positive for red tide toxin —BFAR

11/13/2017 - ‘Red tide’ still affects Visayas bays – BFAR

10/25/2017 - Red tide alert still up in 6 East Visayas bays

09/21/2017 - Samar Bays still red tide positive

08/23/2017 - 3 Eastern Visayas bays have red tide

07/22/2017 - Red tide plagues four coastal waters in PH

05/12/2017 - Red tide still up in Bolinao and Anda

04/09/2017 - Red tide afflicts shellfish areas in 2 Pangasinan towns

02/08/2017 - Red tide still up in Balite Bay

01/31/2017 - Red tide warning up in Leyte, Samar, Bohol, Puerto Princesa

01/31/2017 - Massive fish kill hits Lake Sebu anew; state of calamity mulled

01/17/2017 - BFAR: Red tide in Balite Bay

01/5/2017 - BFAR ups Red Tide warning in Samar anew

01/03/2017 - Daram Island, Western Samar waters positive for red tide toxin.

12/29/2016 - Coastal waters of Biliran positive for red tide toxins

12/28/2016 - BFAR bans shellfish harvesting in EVisayas

12/22/2016 - 1 dead, 5 hospitalized due to 'red tide' in Biliran

12/21/2016 - Red tide alert up in Visayas

12/02/2016 - Red tide surfaces in 7 Visayas bays

11/26/2016 - No shells! Red tide alert up in Milagros, Masbate

11/22/2016 - Red tide alert up again in Dauis, Tagbilaran City

11/11/2016 - Red tide alert still up in some Visayas waters

10/21/2016 - Red tide reaches Biliran

10/18/2016 - Naval waters positive for red tide toxin

10/12/2016 - Red tide persists in 5 Eastern Visayas bays

08/26/2016 - Red tide bloom expands in Leyte bays

07/24/2016 - Red tide engulfs Samar, Leyte bays

07/07/2016 - Red tide toxins still present at Irong Irong Bay and Cambatutay Bay in West Samar

06/23/2016 - Red tide alert remains in 2 Western Samar bays

06/06/2016 - Red tide alert up in 2 Samar bays

06/01/2016 - Red tide alert up in Western Samar

03/10/2016 - Red tide alert remains in Bohol, Samar, Leyte, Biliran, Capiz

03/07/2016 - Red tide alert still up in Visayas coastal areas

01/25/2016 - 11 Visayan coastal waters, bays positive for red tide

01/04/2016 - Red tide monitoring continues in Bacolod

12/29/2015 - State of calamity eyed in 3 villages due to red tide

09/07/2013 - Shellfish Banned in Eight Bays in the Philippines Due to Red Tide Toxins

07/03/2013 - Mussels down 22 in Samar, 2 killed

08/15/2012 - Shellfish ban lifted in Davao; red tide alert in Masbate, Zamboanga

07/19/2012 - Red tide alert up in 5 provinces

02/08/2011 - Fisheries bureau keeps shellfish ban in five areas

11/09/2010 - BFAR monitoring 3 more areas for possible red tide threat

11/08/2010 - Red tide afflicts Bataan towns, 6 other bays

02/27/2010 - BFAR: Red tide hits Bislig Bay in Surigao del Sur

Saudi Arabia

10/15/2016 - Sewage water, toxic algae behind dead fish on Jeddah beach


10/03/2017 - Singapore River goes green thanks to algae bloom

08/13/2016 - Algae bloom turns water in Kranji Reservoir green

South Korea

03/20/2017 - Four rivers need increased water flow to halt algae

08/26/2016 - Algal bloom in Korea presents both crisis and opportunity

08/13/2016 - Heat wave turns rivers into 'green tea latte'

07/29/2016 - South Korea’s Longest River Suffers from Pollution and Declining Fish Stocks

08/21/2013 - Algal blooms threaten waters in Korea

07/24/2013 — Algal blooms widespread in Nakdong River: environment group

10/16/2012 - Red Tide in Southern Coastal Waters Worst in Three Years

08/19/2012 - S. Korea raises alert level to 'warning' on red tide off southern coast


03/26/2016 - Patong Bay safe for swimming, despite algae bloom, say experts


04/25/2013 - Red tides spotted in shore of Marmara Sea

United Arab Emirates

02/20/2018 - Red tide blooms along UAE coastline

04/11/2017 - Scientists monitor algal bloom off Fujairah for risks to marine life

03/30/2017 - Algal bloom the size of Mexico could threaten UAE marine life, experts say

03/08/2013 - Desalination in Kalba stopped after red tide


09/12/2016 - Red tide kills fish in north-central Vietnam: tests

04/29/2016 - Vietnam tells Taiwan firm to dig up waste pipe amid "red tide" disaster

04/27/2016 - Algae and Toxins, Not Steel Mill Waste, Blamed for Vietnamese Fish Kill

04/20/2012 - Red tide appears in Cat Ba




10/06/2010 - First Toxic Algae Appears on Lakes

08/07/2010 - Blue-Green Algae in Finnish Waters


07/27/2011 - Brittany beaches hit by toxic algae

05/05/2011 - Toxic seaweed returns to Brittany coastline

08/25/2009 - Human activity transforming world’s beaches, coastal waters into killing fields

08/20/2009 - Toxic algae poison French beaches, kill horse


02/28/2017 - Thessaloniki port turns red from phenomenon called crimson tide

03/09/2010 - ‘Toxic’ algae in Lake Kastoria


09/01/2017 - Swimming Ban at Three Salthill Beaches Due to Green Algae Bloom

08/04/2016 - Harmful algae appears on Lough Derg

07/10/2012 - Bloom leads to large numbers of dead marine life-beaches closed to swimmers

07/06/2012 - Donegal coast facing worst case of Red Tide for seven years

06/16/2010 - Toxic bloom on Ennell as county is shamed in Blue Flag race


08/31/2016 - Don't swim in the lake, says Luxembourg Ministry


05/10/2012 - Dead Fish Sparks Toxic Algae Suspicion


12/13/2016 - Toxic algae invade Russia's Lake Baikal

11/14/2016 - Vast and Pristine, Russia’s Lake Baikal Is Invaded by Toxic Algae


08/07/2017 - Canary Island tourists warned to avoid toxic 'sea sawdust' algae

10/11/2013 - Red tide forces most Galician polygons’ closure

07/19/2013 - Due to red tide 34 mussel polygons close

04/05/2013 - Galicia closes 80pc of the mussel platforms due to red tide

06/15/2012 - Red tide forces 34 mussel polygons to close

05/05/2011 - Galician mussel farming polygons closed due to red tide

04/28/2011 - Shellfishing suspended due to red tide

11/17/2010 - Expected fall of 30 per cent in mussel production

09/02/2010 - Red tide causes mass closure of mussel rafts

United Kingdom


01/12/2018 - Warning after toxic blue-green algae found in Telford pond

10/27/2017 - Dog warning as harmful algae returns to Frensham Pond

09/29/2017 - Warning as harmful algae found in Hartsholme Country Park lake

09/07/2017 - Warning to dog owners over potentially fatal algae at Nottinghamshire nature reserve

09/04/2017 - Toxic algae found in Cherry Orchard Park

08/31/2017 - Leybourne Lakes visitors warned of deadly algae danger

08/31/2017 - Visitors warned to stay away from Highbridge Lake due to algae

08/30/2017 - Blue-Green Algae Bloom Detected In Thames River

08/30/2017 - Warning over poisonous blue-green algae at the Mere in Ellesmere

05/05/2017 - Algal bloom in South West is so big it can be spotted from space

04/04/2017 - Warning out as toxic algae hits popular Surrey walking spot

10/07/2016 - Eton College to tackle toxic algae at Dorney Lake

10/03/2016 - Toxic algae found in Grantham Canal and Denton Reservoir

09/14/2016 - Stanborough lake closed after potentially harmful algae found

09/13/2016 - Warning over algae found in Teesside lake

08/10/2016 - Conningbrook lake: Algae found at park as lake is closed

08/05/2016 - Another two lakes in Northants hit by potentially toxic algae as people are urged to stay away

08/02/2016 - Dog walkers warned over toxic algae at Daventry Country Park

08/01/2016 - Warning after potentially toxic algae found at Thrapston Lakes

07/29/2016 - Warning issued to dog walkers due to toxic algae levels in Pickmere Lake

07/27/2016 - Cleveland Lakes: Warning over harmful lake algae

07/26/2016 - Swim ban at Chasewater after algae health alert

06/24/2016 - Harmful algae kills more than 100 fish

06/01/2016 - Frothy brown scum spotted off Hampshire coast is marine algae Phaeocystis

05/31/2016 - Large 'algal bloom' alarms beachgoers on the south coast

05/26/2016 - Concern as reports algae at Lake Grounds is making dogs ill

05/22/2016 - Allerton Bywater algae warning after three dogs die

05/19/2016 - Toxic algae found in Dartford lake after three dogs died

04/13/2016 - 'Highly poisonous' algae appears at Argal Reservoir in Penryn

08/29/2013 - Warning after harmful algae found in Windermere

08/23/2013 - Lancing lake warning as toxic algae kills animals

08/01/2013 - Blow for Mepal Outdoor Centre as toxic algae discovered in lake

07/26/2013 - Algae warning at Budworth Mere

07/19/2013 - Warning signs go up at Wirral park lake as heatwave causes toxic algae to form

07/16/2013 - Anglers unable to use algae-hit Wolverhampton fishing pool

10/16/2012 - Killer algae takes over Herne Bay's Memorial Park boating pond

10/12/2012 - Blue green algae discovered in waters of Windermere

09/18/2012 - Danson Lake closed to water sports in Bexleyheath

09/06/2012 - Leeds lake toxic algae warning

08/08/2012 - Red Tide Returns, With A Deadly New Twist

05/10/2012 - Toxic algae sparks alert to dog-walkers

09/01/2011 - Sutton Park visitors warned to stay out of water after toxic algae discovered

09/01/2011 - Toxic blue-green algae confirmed on Esthwaite Water

06/06/2011 - Toxic algae concerns follow dog's death at Wirral beach

09/05/2010 - No more Lake Swimdermere: Outbreak of poisonous algae forces cancellation of Great North Swim

06/14/2010 - Warning to keep out of city’s ‘toxic’ docks

08/22/2009 - Algae 'causes lower crab catches'

08/19/2009 - Warning over Leeds and Liverpool canal toxic algae

08/13/2009 - Thousands of dead fish washed up

Northern Ireland

09/08/2016 - Harmful blue green algae detected at Muckross Bay, Kesh

06/13/2013 - Toxic algae warnings near Loughbrickland play park


07/26/2017 - Health warning as toxic algae found

10/30/2016 - Park loch’s toxic threat to pets

09/20/2016 - Blue green algae warning

09/07/2016 - Warning after toxic algae is discovered in Loch Lomond

09/03/2016 - Algal bloom found on Loch Watten

06/29/2016 - Watersports still out of bounds at East Kilbride park as toxic algae shuts down outdoor activity week

05/31/2016 - Blue-green algae in Fife waters poses hazard to people and pets

05/28/2016 - Blue-green algae found in Western Isles loch

08/15/2013 - South Uist shellfish harvest postponed after high toxin levels found

07/26/2013 - Algae bloom warning

06/26/2013 - Warning to avoid pond water over levels of toxic blue-green algae

06/11/2013 - Toxic algae warning

06/03/2011 - Toxic algae alert at visitor attraction


04/18/2017 - Warning after toxic algae is found at former quarry lake in Hope

07/25/2013 - Potentially-harmful algae found in Caerphilly Castle moat

07/23/2013 - Acton Park Lake Warning After Toxic Algae Found

05/10/2013 - Warning to stay away from water at reservoir

03/26/2012 - Toxic algae at beauty spot sparks alert

North America

North America


12/12/2017 - Blue-green algae bloom found on Bass Lake

11/17/2017 - Blue-green algae found in Sudbury lake

10/6/2017 - Blue-green algae advisory issued for Bullshead Reservoir

09/29/2017 - Confirmed blue green algae bloom in Rock Lake

09/27/2017 - More blue-green algae detected in Sudbury lakes

09/26/2017 - 'It's very green': Algal bloom shuts down Colchester Beach

09/24/2017 - Blue-green algae found on Canandaigua Lake

09/22/2017 - Blue-green Algae Bloom confirmed at Remi Lake

09/21/2017 - Blue-green algae confirmed to be in Muskoka lake

09/17/2017 - Blue-green algae found in 3 reservoirs, GRCA warns

09/12/2017 - Blue-green algae bloom discovered at Clear Lake east of Stavely

09/07/2017 - Blue-green algae in bloom prompts alert at Heritage Lake

09/07/2017 - More algae advisories issued for area lakes

09/06/2017 - Toxic algae bloom threatens Tunkwa Lake users

09/01/2017 - Three Mile Bend Recreation Area under blue-green algae advisory

08/31/2017 - Blue-green algae in Bernard Lake

08/30/2017 - Blue-Green Algae Bloom Affecting Sturgeon Bay

08/25/2017 - Blue-green algae found in Sherburne Reservoir

07/31/2017 - Substance in Gorge Waterway likely algae bloom

07/21/2017 - Toxic algae bloom found in Pine Coulee Reservoir south of Calgary

07/13/2017 - Stay out of the water: Toxic blue-green algae found at Bayfront Park, Pier 4

07/12/2017 - Blue-green algae closes Sandy Bottom Beach on Honeoye Lake

06/28/2017 - Blue-green algal bloom reported in Whitson Lake

06/21/2017 - Health officials warn about blue-green algae on lake west of Edmonton

12/09/2016 - Blue-green algae bloom on Diamond Lake

11/24/2016 - Toxic algae warning for another Island lake

11/18/2016 - Blue-green algae confirmed in Long Lake in Sudbury

11/10/2016 - Blue-green algae in Sudbury lakes

11/09/2016 - Tests show high toxin rate in Quamichan Lake

10/29/2016 - Blue-green algae in fall: McCharles Lake tests positive

10/28/2016 - Toxic algae in Quamichan Lake blamed for killing 3 dogs

10/09/2016 - Toxic Algae in Mohawk Lake

10/07/2016 - Blue-green algae on Pigeon Lake confirmed by Peterborough Public Health

10/05/2016 - Blue-green algal bloom confirmed on Sheguiandah’s Bass Lake

10/02/2016 - Algae bloom limits use of Langford Lake

09/29/2016 - Blue-green algae bloom confirmed on Bruce Mines, Ont. area lake

09/27/2016 - Advisory issued over algae at Beaver Lake

09/13/2016 - Blue-green algae confirmed on Panache

09/10/2016 - No answers for toxic blue-green algae bloom on Mattatall Lake

09/6/2016 - Rideau Canal looking Rio green

08/30/2016 - No swimming at Conestogo Lake due to algae bloom

08/27/2016 - Blue-green algae bloom detected on Three Mile Lake

08/25/2016 - Rare British Columbia algal bloom seen from space

08/15/2016 - Blue-green algae found in Lake Shebeshekong

08/13/2016 - Belwood Lake has a sickening algae problem

08/08/2016 - Blue-green detected near Sudbury beach

08/05/2016 - Blue-green algae bloom spotted in Pigeon Lake, despite community’s best efforts

08/04/2016 - Pier 4 Park beach closed due to blue-green algae bloom

08/03/2016 - Blue-green algae found in Beaver Lake

07/28/2016 - Blue-Green Algae Bloom at Bednesti / Berman, Nulki, and West Lakes

07/18/2016 - Blue-green algae bloom spotted in Lake Rosalind

07/13/2016 - Blue-green algae confirmed in three city lakes

07/08/2016 - Sudbury health unit warns blue-green algae blooms may be on Ramsey Lake

07/08/2016 - Residents asked to avoid Powder Mill Lake over algae bloom

07/06/2016 - Algae bloom returns to Yellowknife's Jackfish Lake

07/05/2016 - Algae bloom continues in Yarmouth County and beyond

06/30/2016 - Algae bloom a 'wicked problem' for Lake Erie fishermen

06/24/2016 - Blue Green Algae Bloom in Lake Torment

06/23/2016 - Toxic algae warning for Eagle Lake

06/13/2016 - 2 Clayoquot Sound salmon farms hit by toxic algae

05/13/2016 - DFO bans harvesting of bivalve molluscs due to red tide

05/05/2016 - Lake Bernard algae situation beyond Health Unit's jurisdiction

12/22/2015 - Toxic algae blooms cancel Vancouver Island polar bear swim

09/10/2013 - Twin Valley Reservoir blue green algae advisory issued

09/2/2013 - Health advisory issued on blue-green algae

08/21/2013 - Blue-green algae advisory issued for central Alberta lake

08/08/2013 - Toxic blue-green algae found in Cochrane Lake

08/02/2013 - Toxic algae overtakes Killarney Lake

07/23/2013 - Blue-green algae found in West Arm

07/18/2013 - Blue-green algae hits Bear Creek

07/18/2013 - Health Advisory Issued About Algae

07/17/2013 - Lakeshore volunteers watch for algae blooms, and other concerns

07/17/2013 - Blue-green algae closes nearly all Chatham-Kent beaches

07/17/2013 - Blue-Green Algae Blooming Again

07/16/2013 - Don't swim at Erieau, says health unit

07/15/2013 - Concerns about blue-green algae

06/11/2013 - Researchers raise alarm over phosphorus in Lake Diefenbaker

09/08/2012 - Blue-green algae bloom confirmed on Lake Nosbonsing

09/07/2012 - Three Mile Lake blooms again

08/17/2011 - Blue-green algae advisory issued for Lake Isle

08/03/2011 - Algae warning issued for Ma-Me-O Beach

06/22/2011 - Toxic algae found near Fenelon Falls

06/03/2011 - Hogs blamed for lake woes

09/28/2010 - Blue-green algae found in Nepewassi Lake

09/01/2010 - Suspected Algae Bloom Spotted in Lake Ainslie

08/31/2010 - Toxic algae blooms far exceed safe levels


01/27/2017 - Sonora declares sanitary closure for molluscs due to red tide

09/24/2016 - Red tide kills fish in Tamaulipas waters

09/23/2016 - Mexico cleans up thousands of fish killed by red tide

Central America

Central America


11/30/2009 - Algae Bloom Choking Guatemala's Lake Atitlán

South Pacific

South Pacific


02/22/2018 - Blue-green algae, Hay: Murrumbidgee River runs green

02/19/2018 - Lakes algae outbreak

02/06/2018 - Blue Green algae alert extended from Split Rock Dam into Manilla River

02/02/2018 - Split Rock Dam under red alert following blue-green algae outbreak

02/01/2018 - Blue-green algae alert issued for Newline Road Wetland

01/25/2018 - Parks Victoria confirms that a blue-green algae bloom is currently affecting Lake Bolac

01/24/2018 - Algal bloom closes local waterways

01/11/2018 - A warning over Lake Guthridge algae bloom

01/10/2018 - Blue-green algae levels at high alert around Maitland

01/08/2018 - Extreme alert for Lake Tuggeranong after toxic blue-green algae outbreak

01/05/2018 - Blue-green algae still thriving in Lake Albert with no solution settled

12/29/2017 - Blue-green algae poses a threat to wildlife and pets

11/20/2017 - Toxic algae confirmed in Camperdown's Lake Bullen Merri

11/11/2017 - Crayfish season closed as toxic algae confirmed

10/24/2017 - Algae alert at Boggabilla, near Goondiwindi

09/29/2017 - Richmond’s lake closed due to contamination

06/12/2017 - Toxic algal bloom in Vasse Estuary

05/08/2017 - Algal blooms make shellfish from Melville Water unsafe for eating

03/30/2017 - Toxic algal blooms hit Goulburn and Loddon irrigation networks

03/06/2017 - Blue-green algae still at Wooroonook Lakes

02/14/2017 - Algae bloom in Mermaid Waters forces Gold Coast council to close Lake Hugh Muntz

01/31/2017 - Algal bloom warning for Canning River

01/21/2017 - Toxic algae discovered at Bongaree

01/13/2017 - Blue green algae in Wooroonook Lakes: January 2017 warning issued by Buloke Shire

01/11/2017 - Shellfish warning for Hobsons Bay due to algae

01/07/2017 - Blue-green algae detected in Bendigo's Lake Neangar, Lake Tom Thumb

01/06/2017 - Blue-green algae alert for Telarah Lagoon and Walka Water Works

12/29/2016 - Pipis may contain toxins due to algal bloom

12/23/2016 - Toxic algae prompts South Ballina pipi warning

12/21/2016 - Lake Tuggeranong closed due to blue-green algae as Lake Ginninderra reopens

12/14/2016 - Waroona: warning about blue-green algae in Lake Moyanup

12/04/2016 - Patterson Lakes hit by another algae bloom, infuriating local of 18 years

11/25/2016 - Blue-green algae outbreak prompts warning about Yerrabi Pond water

10/31/2016 - DPI advises people not to eat shellfish collected from Eden

10/27/2016 - Toxic algae bloom in river

10/20/2016 - Hawkesbury River algal bloom makes shellfish toxic even if cooked Government warning issued

09/05/2016 - Algal blooms continue in Port Phillip

08/13/2016 - Tasmanian toxic algal bloom hits biggest ever area, says industry

06/30/2016 - About five oyster growers have closed after outbreak of algae bloom

05/23/2016 - Algae bloom at Melton Reservoir

04/21/2016 - Algae Overtake Australia’s Murray River

04/07/2016 - Mildura Merbein algae alert issued

04/01/2016 - Algal bloom warning issued for parts of the Swan River

04/01/2016 - Territory dam hit with toxic algae

03/24/2016 - Algal bloom spotted close to WA fish kill

03/22/2016 - Algal bloom prevents Easter water sports at Borumba Dam

03/11/2016 - Toxic algae bloom warning for Perth's Canning river

02/26/2016 - Warning Issued for Toxic Algae in Alexandra Lake

02/24/2016 - Blue-green algae warning issued for Murray River between Cobram, Barmah

02/10/2016 - Algae closes Lake Borumba a week after it was reopened

02/09/2016 - Blue green algae alert for Lake Liddell

02/02/2016 - Blue-green algae red alert warning for Lake Inverell

01/25/2016 - Blue green algae found at two lakes

01/23/2016 - Geelong’s Barwon River shut after toxic blue-green algae outbreak

01/19/2016 - Algal blooms return to river

01/11/2016 - Algae outbreak prompts Borumba Dam partial closure

01/08/2016 - Camperdown's Lake Bullen Merri remains closed

01/07/2016 - Beach with the 'whitest sand in the world' and crystal clear waters turns a toxic GREEN after torrential rains battered Australia's east coast

10/22/2013 - Fishermen Warned of Harmful Algal Bloom

10/01/2013 - Warning after toxic blue-green algal bloom at Suffolk lake

09/05/2013 - Authorities fear shellfish toxin found in Bass Strait here to stay

08/14/2013 - Toxic algal bloom returns closing two east coast fisheries

04/15/2013 - Health warning for blue-green algae in Hunter

04/11/2013 - Blue-green algae found at Tom Thumb

04/04/2013 - Beaches shut as red tide rolls in

04/03/2013 - Algae blooming in Far South Coast waters

02/21/2013 - Beach closed because of algal blooms

12/15/2012 - Algal bloom closes lake

12/03/2012 - Toxic algae heading to North Coast beaches

11/19/2012 - Wallis Creek algae alert

11/14/2012 - Scallop fishery hit by algal bloom

07/30/2012 - Algal bloom kills thousands of fish

07/27/2012 - Algal bloom kills hundreds of fish

04/26/2012 - Toxic bloom shellfish warning

03/04/2012 - Warning after toxic algae outbreak at beaches

02/16/2012 - Lake Burrumbeet closed after suspected algae outbreak

02/05/2012 - Blooming algae wades into water

01/31/2012 - Kialla Lakes faces blue-green algae threat

01/21/2012 - Algae to force lake closure

01/16/2012 - Blue-green algae sparks health alert

12/07/2011 - Algal bloom could last for months

12/6/2011 - Blue-green algae outbreak closes dam

08/22/2011 - Toxic algae spark Peel-Harvey Estuary health warning

02/28/2011 - Algae outbreak at Toonumbar Dam

02/22/2011 - Lake Burrumbeet algae outbreak

02/13/2011 - Algal outbreak prompts Torrens warning

01/27/2011 - Toxic Algae Threatens Tourism Prospects in Lake Eppalock

01/25/2011 - Lake's blue-green algae levels rise

01/17/2011 - Jervis Bay fish deaths may be due to algal bloom

01/12/2011 - Red alert issued for toxic alga in Burrinjuck Dam

01/05/2011 - Algal bloom plagues Canning River

12/27/2010 - Blue-green conundrum

12/13/2010 - Lake users warned of blue-green algae threat

12/06/2010 - Algae threatens Lake Hume

11/09/2010 - Toxic jump into Angourie's Blue Pool

10/29/2010 - Swimmers warned to avoid red algal bloom

09/05/2010 - Toxic algae could kill humans, livestock: study

03/03/2010 - River choked for 700km with algal bloom

02/24/2010 - Murray red alert as toxic algae spreads

02/17/2010 - Murray algae alert

02/16/2010 - Cobden dam algae alert

02/03/2010 - Mayor defends efforts to stop lake fish kill

02/02/2010 - Too much of a good thing for 'gasping' fish

01/18/2010 - 25,000 fish killed by Top End algal bloom

12/14/2009 - Mass fish kill in Moneys Creek

12/10/2009 - 'Whale sperm' visible from space

12/09/2009 - Beach-goers warned of stinky, toxic algae

12/01/2009 - Toxic algae may be cause of deaths

10/12/2009 - Rain fails to remove blue-green algae

New Zealand

02/23/2018 - 'No swimming' signs to go up as eels die in algal bloom

02/20/2018 - Toxic algal bloom found in Lake Forsyth

02/18/2018 - Lake Ōmāpere turns green and smelly with algae bloom

02/16/2018 - Algae recorded in Arrow River as well as Lake Hayes, near Queenstown

02/14/2018 - Lake Hayes algal bloom result of long, hot summer

02/13/2018 - Health warning – toxic algal bloom in Lake Pegasus

02/13/2018 - Potentially toxic algae found in North Canterbury lake

02/12/2018 - Algal Bloom in Ashley/Rakahuri River

02/05/2018 - Regional council issues algal bloom warning for Falls Dam

02/01/2018 - Toxic algae outbreaks in Kaikōura and Wellington

01/31/2018 - Health Warning issued for Kahutara River near SH1

01/26/2018 - Health warning – Algal Bloom in the Selwyn/Waikirikiri River

01/24/2018 - Warnings issued over toxic algae in Hurunui River

01/16/2018 - Dogs die in worst year for Hutt River blooms

01/09/2018 - Toxic algae warning for two Canterbury rivers

01/09/2018 - Algal bloom detected in pond at Centennial Park, Timaru

01/04/2018 - Potentially toxic algae reported in Tomahawk Lagoon

12/28/2017 - Health Warning – Algal Bloom in Rakahuri/Ashley River

12/24/2017 - Canterbury DHB warns people to stay away as algal bloom turns Lake Ellesmere toxic

12/21/2017 - Cyanobacteria found at popular Manawatū swim spots

12/21/2017 - Health Warning – Algal Bloom in Selwyn/Waikirikiri River

12/19/2017 - Health Warning – Algal Bloom in the Ashley River

12/18/2017 - Warning after toxic algal bloom found in Timaru creek

12/11/2017 - Toxic algae found in the Aparima River at Thornbury

12/07/2017 - Public urged to avoid algae-affected areas of Lake Taupō

12/01/2017 - Residents advised not to swim in Warkworth quarry lake

11/29/2017 - Swimmers warned: stay out of Hutt River because of toxic algae

11/21/2017 - Toxic algae found in the mid-Mataura river

11/14/2017 - Health warning extended for all of Lake Rotoehu over toxic algae

11/09/2017 - Health warning extended for Lake Rotoehu, new warning for Lake Okaro

10/21/2017 - Toxic algae confirmed in lagoon; warning to avoid

10/18/2017 - Algal bloom warning at Canterbury's Lake Forsyth

05/10/2017 - Health warning removed for algal blooms in Lake Forsyth

04/28/2017 - Lake Tūtira algal bloom

03/23/2017 - Tutria’s toxic algal bloom

03/21/2017 - Water warnings issued on Southland rivers as cyanobacteria levels rise

03/07/2017 - New health warning for Lake Waihola

03/07/2017 - Once a favourite Hawke's Bay destination, Lake Tutira is in a bad way

02/14/2017 - Canterbury's Lake Pegasus closed due to algal bloom

02/10/2017 - Toxic algae at Lake Tutira

02/02/2017 - Toxic algae blooms in Wanaka waterways

02/01/2017 - Health warning issued for Canterbury's Cust River after discovery of potentially toxic blue-green algae

01/31/2017 - Toxic algae at Albert Town Lagoon

01/18/2017 - Toxic algae warning for Lake Forsyth

01/18/2017 - Algal blooms appear in popular Hawke's Bay swimming spots

01/12/2017 - Tasman's Waimea and Wai-iti rivers hit by toxic algae blooms

01/11/2017 - Toxic algae found in Southland river

01/11/2017 - Toxic algae found in Lake Waihola

01/09/2017 - Toxic algae prompts warning to river users and dog walkers

12/29/2016 - Toxic Selwyn River has ruined summer, locals say

12/24/2016 - Health warnings for three Waikato lakes

12/22/2016 - Warning over potentially toxic algae in Waikirikiri

12/22/2016 - Toxic algae found in Selwyn River at Glentunnel

11/29/2016 - Potentially toxic algae found at Lake Wiritoa and Lake Dudding

11/24/2016 - Algal bloom at Lake Rotoehu

11/12/2016 - Toxic algae problem spreads across Marlborough

11/11/2016 - Toxic warning after algae blooms in Nelson's Maitai River

09/02/2016 - Canterbury's poisonous lake: still toxic, with dry summer ahead

06/21/2016 - Mahurangi Harbour oyster farms closed after biotoxin closure

06/08/2016 - MPI issues Mahurangi Harbour shellfish health warning

05/11/2016 - Lake Forsyth's toxic blooms still a mystery

04/29/2016 - Environment Canterbury: We are making progress on water quality

04/27/2016 - Canterbury's poisonous Lake Forsyth kills sheep, full of green slime

04/14/2016 - Highly poisonous' algae appears at Argal Reservoir in Penryn

03/08/2016 - Masterton District Council says Henley Lake toxic algae problem unsolvable

03/04/2016 - Algae bloom in Tauranga Harbour

02/24/2016 - Algal Bloom in Lake Pegasus

02/19/2016 - Second dog death attributed to algae

02/15/2016 - Algal Bloom at Hurunui River at State Highway 7

02/04/2016 - Otaki toxic algae dog death reported

01/29/2016 - Health Warning – Algal Bloom in Lake Forsyth/Te Wairewa

01/11/2016 - Toxic algae warnings in Hawke's Bay after dog's death in Tukituki River

01/08/2016 - Warm weather prompts Rotorua lake blooms

12/21/2015 - Toxic algae blooming in Tasman district

12/26/2013 - Algae alert widens to Geraldine

10/25/2013 - Warnings after toxic algae found in waterways

05/17/2013 - Toxic algae found on Lake Rotoroa

04/16/2013 - Warning issued over toxic algae

04/11/2013 - Council keeps close watch for toxic algae

03/29/2013 - Shellfish ban in Port Underwood

02/11/2013 - Warning issued after toxic algae found in river

01/25/2013 - Warning as toxic algae builds up in the Ruamahanga River

01/07/2013 - Toxic algae on Waipoua River sparks warning

12/07/2012 - Waihola, Tomahawk algal bloom toxic to humans, fatal for animals

11/11/2012 - Algal bloom continues in Lake Okaro

11/02/2012 - Unclean and green bloom in lake a health risk

08/05/2012 - Algae may cost salmon farmer over $1m

03/24/2012 - Blue-Green Algae Toxicity Leads To Health Warnings for Two More Rivers

02/21/2012 - Dog, 1, dies after contacting toxic algae in Hutt River, NZ

02/16/2012 - Hutt River toxic algae levels high

02/14/2012 - Cause of algal bloom sought

02/11/2012 - ECan blames algae on low river flows

01/14/2012 - Silver Stream algae likely cause of dog death

01/14/2012 - Algal bloom in Opihi prompts warning

03/29/2011 - Toxic shellfish could kill people

02/22/2011 - Waipara River algae warning

02/11/2011 - Warnings remain over Opihi algae

02/03/2011 - Warning – River Algae Can Be Harmful

02/03/2011 - Public warned to avoid river

01/26/2011 - Dam blamed for river ruin

01/20/2011 - Health warnings for Canterbury rivers

01/20/2011 - Algal Bloom in Ashley River at Loburn Bridge

01/18/2011 - Warning to keep dogs away from popular river

12/24/2010 - Algal Bloom in Selwyn River

12/15/2010 - Dog dies after contact with algae in Hutt River

12/15/2010 - Health Warning – Algal bloom in Pareora and Opihi Rivers

12/11/2010 - Health warning in Canterbury

12/10/2010 - Health Warning - Algal Bloom In Ashley And Waipara Rivers

11/30/2010 - Warning over toxic algae in Waikanae River

11/25/2010 - Blue-green algae found in Hutt River

11/06/2010 - Warning over river algae

02/24/2010 - Toxic Algae Linked To Dog Death In Waipoua River

02/18/2010 - Health Warning for Hamilton Lake - Lake Rotorua

02/11/2010 - 'Within 10 minutes, she was pretty much gone'

01/14/2010 - More penguins found dead

12/24/2009 - Toxic algae prompts river warning

12/23/2009 - Toxic algae warning over lake activities

12/01/2009 - Fears toxic algae maybe returning to rivers

8/25/2009 - Northern Beaches of the North Island, New Zealand