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It’s not too late


Dec 29, 2017 in Newsletters

Dear Friend,

It’s not too late to give something back to our ocean in 2017. 

Today our work here at Ocean Champions is more important than ever. 

While there are more than 23,000 nonprofits working on ocean health issues, there is only ONE Ocean Champions that can work to elect pro-ocean candidates, defeat ocean enemies, and pass legislation that will protect our oceans. 

In 2016, with your support, we sent 71 members to the House and Senate to protect YOUR oceans, YOUR resources. 

Great ocean policy starts with those champions in Congress. We want to make sure they stay in Congress and we need to send more champions. AND we need your help.

Join us in creating healthy oceans. Help us elect more ocean champions in Congress by donating today.

Vote the Ocean,

David Wilmot, Ph.D.
President and Co-Founder