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My Ocean Story, By Jocelyn Trejo-Arce


Mar 08, 2018 in OC Blog

As a local of the beautiful Monterey County, the beauty of nature has always surrounded me. Many of us take this for granted, simply because we have not seen what it’s like live without it. We visit the beaches and hike the national forests thinking it’ll always be there to calm our minds and spirit. On the surface, it is difficult to see what it takes to protect such a fragile environment filled with so much life.

My ocean story began when I realized that standing by to enjoy my home was not enough to keep it there forever.
Jocelyns back picture
As a young teen, I was exposed to some of the issues our environment faced and wondered if anyone was doing anything about it. I decided getting my education in environmental science would be a good start and go from there. I learned early on that there was so much more going besides plastic pollution and greenhouse gases affecting our air. I took courses in chemistry, biology, geology, policy and participated in community service, not knowing at the beginning of my educational career that all these were intertwined. What I learned most however is that policy is one of the main driving forces in making changes. It is what led me to Ocean Champions.
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Before Ocean Champions, I always believed all the environmental issues were being tackled. I had no idea that I had forgotten one of the most important ecosystems in our planet, the one that affected all life on Earth through the cycle of water. I was surprised and happy to learn that an organization had realized the missing piece in the fight and continues to fight for the oceans in the most effective way possible.

I believe that understanding the underlying structure of government policy and regulations is an important aspect in solving many of the environmental issues we face today. I’ve learned so much from my past educational and professional experiences, but I am not done learning. As an intern for Ocean Champions, I can already see that my experience here will have a positive impact on me. I see myself making changes in policy one way or another and I’ll be able to say that Ocean Champions was part of that.