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Representative Don Beyer

Key Coastal Communities:
Encompassing Arlington County, the Cities of Alexandria and Falls Church, and portions of Fairfax County. Across the Potomac River from Washington D.C.
Science, Space, and Technology; Natural Resources; Joint Economic Committee

“On the House Committees on Natural Resources and Science, Space, and Technology, I will advocate to fulfill our responsibility to leave this world better than we inherited it. America must continue to be an innovative leader in the fight against global climate change.”


Leadership: Congressman Beyer believes America must continue to be an innovative leader in the fight against global climate change. He supports intelligent conservation policies that preserve our natural resources and an energy policy that makes smart investments in clean and renewable energy to lower costs to the American taxpayer while protecting the air, land, and water. Congressman Beyer has also fought to protect aquatic ecosystems from seismic testing, recently sponsoring H.R. 2158 to ban these harmful activities off the East Coast. He believes that marine life and biodiversity are essential not only to coastal environments, but to local and regional tourism, recreation, and fishing industries.

Congressman Beyer sponsored: 

  • H.R. 2158 (To amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to prohibit oil-, gas-, and methane hydrate-related seismic activities in the North Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, and Straits of Florida planning areas of the outer Continental Shelf, and for other purposes.)
  • H.R. 6448 (Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2016)
  • H.R. 5817 (Atlantic Seismic Airgun Protection Act)
  • H.R. 4665 (Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016)

Congressman Beyer cosponsored: 

  • H.R. 2044 (America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act)
  • H.R. 1584 (Orca Responsibility and Care Advancement Act of 2017)
  • H.R. 502 (To permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund)
  • H.R. 4811 (Coral Reef Sustainability Through Innovation Act of 2016)
  • H.R. 4480 (Albatross and Petrel Conservation Act)
  • H.R. 2553 (Coastal Communities Ocean Acidification Act of 2015)
  • H.R. 1278 (Water Infrastructure Resiliency and Sustainability Act of 2015)
  • H.R. 1276 (Coastal State Climate Change Planning Act)