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Representative Steny Hoyer


“I’m proud to stand with Ocean Champions to fight for the preservation of ocean environments and marine wildlife. In my home state of Maryland we have a long tradition of relying on the ocean for fishing, commerce, tourism, and recreation, and I’m going to continue working to ensure that future generations can benefit from clean and healthy ocean ecosystems. This includes standing up to those who deny the dangers of climate change and who would do away with commonsense limits on ocean dumping and pollution. I look forward to continuing this important work in the next Congress.”


House Democratic Whip
Leadership: Throughout his career, Congressman Hoyer has led efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent, Potomac, Anacostia, and St. Mary’s Rivers, fighting for and securing federal funding to address a variety of restoration and water quality issues in these Fifth District waterways. Additionally, he has worked on projects to secure funding to replenish oyster populations in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. He has also supported the expansion of green spaces in his district and has actively worked to secure funds for the expansion of various natural parks and spaces in his own district, as well as in other areas.

Congressman Hoyer is a strong proponent of renewable energy technology including the “Make It in America” agenda. This agenda includes, among other clean energy job initiatives, a bill to establish a Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Fund. He has also supported legislation to promote energy efficiency that would save money both in private homes as well in businesses while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Representative Hoyer sponsored:

  • H.R 5595 (Reservoir Operations Improvement Act 2016)
    H.R 2983 (Drought Recovery and Resiliency Act 2016)
  • H.R 4239 (To provide drought assistance to the State of California and other affected western States.2014)
  • H.R. 3973 (Piscataway National Park Expansion Act)
  • H.R. 1300 (Program for Real Energy Security Act)

Representative Hoyer cosponsored:

  • H.R 1663 (Water Resources Research Amendments Act 2017)
  • H.R 2799 (Western Water Recycling and Drought Relief Act 2017)
  • H.R 2719 (Coastal Communities Ocean Acidification Act of 2017)
  • H.R 2344 (Crab Emergency Disaster Assistance Act of 2017)
  • H.R 2203 (Coral Reef Sustainability Through Innovation Act of 2017)
  • H.R 2079 (Young Fishermen’s Development Act of 2017)
  • H.R 2135 (Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act 2017)
  • H.R 502 (To permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund 2017)
  • H.R 1054 (Botanical Sciences and Native Plant Materials Research, Restoration, and Promotion Act 2017)
  • H.R 2044 (America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act 2017)
  • H.R 3063 (Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network Reauthorization Act of 2017)
  • H.R 3045 (California Water Recycling and Drought Relief Act 2016)
  • H.R 2993 (Water Recycling Acceleration Act of 2015)
  • H.R 1710 (Drought Resilience Investment Act of 2015)
  • H.R. 3139 (Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network Reauthorization Act)
  • H.R. 6068 (Chesapeake Bay Watershed Fairness Act of 2012)
  • H.R. 4187 (To amend the Water Resources Development Act to make modifications to the Chesapeake Bay Environmental restoration and protection program)
  • H.R. 4268 (Lead-Free Drinking Water Act)
  • H.R. 3622 (Anacostia Watershed Initiative Act)
  • H.R. 1775 (Estuary Restoration Act)
  • H.R. 1175 (Marine Resources Revitalization Act)
  • H.R.5 (Ocean and Coastal Resources Management and Development Block Grant Act)
  • H.R. 4166 (Lake Berryessa Recreation Enhancement Act)
  • H.R. 2986 (National Capital Region Land Conservation Act)
  • H.R. 1204 (Rockies Prosperity Act)
  • H.R. 5044 (Yellowstone Protection Act)
  • H.R. 4865 (National Roadless Area Conservation Act)
  • H.R. 4013 (Upper Mississippi River Basin Conservation Act)
  • H.R. 3676 (Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Act)
  • H.R. 2425 (Oceans Act)
  • H.R. 1995 (Point Reyes National Seashore Farmland Protection Act)
  • H.R. 743 (National Park Revitalization Act)
  • H.R. 476 (Michigan Scenic Rivers Act)
  • H.R. 161 (Oyster Disease Research Assistance Act)
  • H.R. 799 (A bill to designate a segment of the Kings River in California as a wild and scenic river)
  • H.R. 2379 (National Park System Protection and Resources Management Act)