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Senator Debbie Stabenow

Energy and Natural Resources; Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Budget; Finance; Taxation

“Protecting the Great Lakes is part of who we are – it’s in our DNA… Michigan’s farmers and landowners are on the frontlines in protecting the River Raisin and Lake Erie, which preserves our agricultural lands and benefits Michigan hunters and anglers… I’m committed to continuing to work with Michigan’s agriculture community to help lead the charge in protecting the Great Lakes for generations to come.”


Leadership: Senator Stabenow has a strong history of supporting Great Lakes conservation in Michigan. She has fought against the Asian Carp invasion and to protect the Lake’s native fish, sponsoring both the Stop Asian Carp Act of 2011 (S.471) and the Defending Our Great Lakes Act of 2015 (S.589). Recognizing agriculture’s crucial role in Michigan’s economy, Senator Stabenow sponsored the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012, also known as the “Farm Bill”, (S.3240) to bring relief to drought-affected farmers. She also cosponsored the Great Lakes Ecological and Economic Protection Act of 2015 (S.504) to ensure the Federal Water Pollution Control Act is best protecting and restoring the Great Lakes. Senator Stabenow understands the important connection between agriculture and water quality affecting the Great Lakes health.

Senator Stabenow sponsored:

  • S. 1332 (Great Lakes Aquatic Connectivity and Infrastructure Program Act 2017)
  • S.1398 (Stop the Asian Carp Now Act of 2017)
  • S. 589 (Defending Our Great Lakes Act of 2015)
  • S. 1956 (Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Assessment Act of 2015)
  • S. 2579 (Drinking Water Safety and Infrastructure Act of 2016)
  • S. 3002 (Guarding Our Great Lakes Act of 2014)
  • S. 2317 (Stop Invasive Species Act of 2012)
  • S.3240 (Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012 – the “Farm Bill”)
  • S.471 (Stop Asian Carp Act of 2011)
  • S.1964 (Great Lakes Short Sea Shipping Enhancement Act of 2011)
  • S.2946 (Close All Routes and Prevent Asian Carp Today Act of 2010)
  • S.3553 (Permanent Prevention of Asian Carp Act of 2010)
  • S.224 (Green Jobs and Infrastructure Act of 2009)
  • S. 2729 (Clean Energy Partnerships Act of 2009)

Senator Stabenow cosponsored:

  • S. 1556 (Authorized Rural Water Projects Completion Act 2017)
  • S.859 (Great Lakes Fishery Research Authorization Act of 2017)
  • S. 936 (Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act 2017)
  • S.820 (A bill to designate a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness 2017)
  • S Res 124 (A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that the National Sea Grant College Program is a valuable program that protects and enhances the coastal communities and economy of the United States.)
  • S. 569 (Land and Water Conservation Authorization and Funding Act 2017)
  • S. 1513 (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act 2017)
  • S. 880 (Made in America Water Infrastructure Act 2017)
  • S. 504 (Great Lakes Ecological and Economic Protection Act of 2015)
  • S. 890 (Land and Water Conservation Authorization and Funding Act of 2015)
  • S. 1074 (National Scenic Trails Parity Act)
  • S. 1375 (America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act of 2015)
  • S. 2089 (American Energy Innovation Act of 2015)
  • S. 2341 (A bill to designate a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness)
  • S. 2466 (A bill to amend the Safe Water Drinking Act to authorize the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to notify the public if a State agency and public water system are not taking action to address a public health risk associated with drinking water requirements)
  • S. 23 (Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Conservation and Recreation Act of 2013)
  • S. 51 (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Reauthorization Act of 2013)
  • S. 307 (Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act of 2013)
  • S. 571 (Great Lakes Water Protection Act of 2013)
  • S. 717 (Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Act of 2013)
  • S. 1230 (Alternative Fueled Vehicles Competitiveness and Energy Security Act of 2013)
  • S. 2785 (Safe and Secure Drinking Water Protection Act of 2014)
  • S.2204 (Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act of 2012)
  • S.3588 (Great Lakes Ecosystem Protection Act of 2012)
  • S.394 (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act of 2011)
  • S.412 (Harbor Maintenance Act of 2011)
  • S.485 (Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve Boundary Modification Act of 2011)
  • S.626 (American Shipping Reinvestment Act of 2011)
  • S.841 (Renewable Energy Market Access Program Act of 2011)
  • S.948 (Promoting Electric Vehicles Act of 2011)
  • S.973 (National Endowment for the Oceans Act of 2011)
  • S.3059 (National Energy Efficiency Enhancement Act of 2010)
  • S.3146 (Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2010)
  • S.3231 (GREEN Jobs Act of 2010)
  • S.3305 (Big Oil Bailout Prevention Unlimited Liability Act of 2010)
  • S.3497 (Oil Spill Prevention and Mitigation Improvement Act of 2010)
  • S.3509 (Safer Oil and Gas Production Research and Development Act of 2010)
  • S.3516 (Outer Continental Shelf Reform Act of 2010)
  • S.3528 (Coastal Jobs Creation Act of 2010)
  • S.3626 (Thermal Renewable Energy and Efficiency Act of 2010)
  • S.3641 (National Endowment for the Oceans Act of 2010)
  • S.5 (Cleaner, Greener, and Smarter Act of 2009)
  • S.109 (Beaver Basin Wilderness Act of 2009)
  • S.110 (River Raisin National Battlefield Act of 2009)
  • S.237 (Great Lakes Collaboration Implementation Act of 2009)
  • S.655 (Teaming with Wildlife Act of 2009)
  • S.787 (Clean Water Restoration Act of 2009)
  • S.854 (Clean Water Affordability Act of 2009)
  • S.1013 (Department of Energy Carbon Capture and Sequestration Program Amendments Act of 2009)
  • S.1024 (Great Lakes Icebreaker Replacement Act of 2009)
  • S.1090 (Renewable Energy Parity and Investment Remedy Act of 2009)
  • S.1214 (National Fish Habitat Conservation Act of 2009)
  • S.2755 (Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act of 2009)
  • S.2899 (Renewable Energy Incentive Act of 2009)