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Senator Ed Markey

Key Coastal Communities:
Boston Harbor
Environment and Public Works; Commerce, Science and Transportation; Foreign Relations; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

“Instead of misguided and misinformed wars on compact fluorescent lightbulbs, we should be exploring what new compacts we can pass in Congress to save Americans money, cut pollution, and power our economy in smarter way.”


Leadership: Senator Markey served on the important House Natural Resources Committee for his entire 37 year career in Congress and has been a consistent supporter of ocean protection legislation. He played a key role in the passage of the Sustainable Fisheries Act of 1996, and has remained committed to the investment and establishment of the sustainable fishing industry in the Northeast. Senator Markey was elected to the Senate in a special election in 2013, and has continued fighting to create clean energy jobs, combat climate change and to protect our environment and wildlife.

Senator Markey is a leader on energy issues. As Representative, he was chairman of the new House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming and he continues this work in the Senate. He introduced the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454) with Representative Waxman, and he has cosponsored Senator Cantwell’s American Energy Innovation Act of 2015 (S. 2089). Senator Markey has consistently fought against expanded offshore drilling, pressing for improved efficiency and development of renewable energy as the best approach to ending our dependence on foreign oil.

Senator Markey sponsored:

  • S. 2603 (CLEANUP Act: A bill to deny corporate average fuel economy credits obtained through a violation of law, establish an Air Quality Restoration Trust Fund within the Department of the Treasury, and for other purposes)
  • S. 1251 (Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Convention Amendments Act of 2015)
  • S. 1311 (Oil Spill Deterrent Act)
  • S. 2731 (Cape Cod National Seashore Land Exchange Act)
  • S. 1627 (American Renewable Energy and Efficiency Act of 2013)
  • S. 2485 (Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Convention Amendments Act)

Senator Markey cosponsored:

  • S. 371 (A bill to remove a limitation on a prohibition relating to permits for discharges incidental to normal operation of vessels)
  • S. 890 (Land and Water Conservation Authorization and Funding Act of 2015)
  • S. 1041 (End Polluter Welfare Act of 2015)
  • S. 1334 (Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing Enforcement Act of 2015)
  • S. 1375 (America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act of 2015)
  • S. 1430 (Marine Oil Spill Prevention Act of 2015)
  • S. 1042 (Clean Ocean and Safe Tourism Anti-Drilling Act)
  • S. 1264 (Renewable Electricity Standard Act of 2015)
  • S. 1794 (Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act of 2015)
  • S. 1886 (Coordinated Ocean Monitoring and Research Act)
  • S. 1918 (Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animal Trophies Act)
  • S. 2089 (American Energy Innovation Act)
  • S. 2341 (A bill to designate a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness)
  • S. 2466 (A bill to amend the Safe Water Drinking Act to authorize the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to notify the public if a State agency and public water system are not taking action to address a public health risk associated with drinking water requirements)
  • S. 2705 (Coral Reef Sustainability Through Innovation Act of 2016)
  • S. 267 (Pirate Fishing Elimination Act of 2013)
  • S. 269 (International Fisheries Stewardship and Enforcement Act of 2013)
  • S. 1254 (Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Amendments Act of 2014)
  • S. 646 (National Endowment for the Oceans Act of 2014)
  • H.R. 204 (Northern California Ocean and Coastal Protection Act of 2009)
  • H.R. 21 (“Oceans 21” of 2007)