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About Ocean Champions

Ocean Champions, a 501(c)(4) organization, with a connected political action committee Ocean Champions PAC, is the first national organization of its kind focused solely on oceans and ocean wildlife. Ocean Champions mission is to build the political power necessary to ensure thriving oceans and coasts. Our goal is to develop a broad, bipartisan base of supporters from which to cultivate political champions for ocean conservation in the U.S. Congress and in key states. Ultimately, the aim is to create a political environment where protecting and restoring the oceans is a priority of federal and state governments.

Consistent and Growing Electoral Success

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Helped pass legislation to reduce toxic algal blooms and hypoxiaSince 2004, Ocean Champions has spent nearly $2 million on elections.  This has helped us elect 130 different Members, senior leaders and first time candidates alike.  Our electoral engagement, combined with a pragmatic, politically savvy approach to legislative advocacy has earned us a strong reputation on Capitol Hill, and has translated into a growing list of successful policy victories:

  • Our champions have led and passed bills to establish estuary conservation programs and address ocean acidification
  • Helped pass the “Trash Free Seas Act” to address ocean garbage
  • Our champions have repelled numerous attempts to expand offshore oil drilling

Fish Conservation

  • Played major role in passing strong U.S. fisheries law
  • Blocked several anti-conservation attacks on successful fisheries management programs
  • Our champions have led and passed bills to fight “pirate fishing”(Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing), and shark finning

Ocean Governance & Funding

  • Played leadership role in obtaining an Executive Order for the first National Ocean Policy
  • Defended the National Ocean Policy by defeating attacks on its funding
  • Playing vital role building support for the first fund for ocean conservation projects

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