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Turning the Tide

Charting a Course to Improve the Effectiveness of Public Advocacy for the Oceans


From the Jacket Cover:

America’s oceans are in crisis. The challenges and opportunities facing ocean conservation organizations and the community at-large have never been greater. Unfortunately, while the ocean conservation movement is strongly advocating for change, it currently lacks the political power to achieve broad-scale reforms. It is clear the community needs to be more effective to take on current challenges and advance urgently needed initiatives to restore healthy and productive oceans.

A groundbreaking study Turning the Tide: Charting a Course to Improve the Effectiveness of Public Advocacy for the Oceans prepared for the David & Lucile Packard, Oak, and Curtis & Edith Munson Foundations proposes bold, new changes to move the community forward. Through in-depth research on, and interviews with the leaders of a representative cross-section of noteworthy public advocacy organizations, the authors identified “hallmarks of success”—tools or strategy elements these organizations used to win policy fights and accomplish their missions.

Having identified two keys to success in the public policy arena, the authors evaluated the ocean conservation community with respect to the hallmarks and identified the barriers to progress and gaps in effectiveness in current ocean conservation efforts. With a sense of purpose and optimism, Turning the Tidepresents conclusions and a set of recommendations that chart a new course for ocean advocacy. The changes suggested in this report are designed to help ocean conservationists lead the nation to thriving oceans and ocean-dependent communities.

“If there is a single take-home message from this study,
it is that the ocean conservation community
needs to participate fully in the political process
to be successful.”   ~Turning the Tide 2003