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Vote the Ocean 2018


May 15, 2018 in Newsletters

Dear Friend,

There has never been a more critical election year for our oceans. Two of our top priorities are:

  • Electing more ocean champions to Congress
  • Defeating ocean enemies

We will be rolling out our endorsements over the next few months, and keeping you up to date on our targeted campaigns to defeat ocean enemies. Please mark your calendar for the following primary election dates, and spread the word among friends and family to vote the ocean and vote for ocean champions in Congress (click here for a list of champions).

  • May 15: Oregon
  • June 5:  California, New Jersey, New Mexico
  • June 12: Maine, South Carolina, Virginia
  • June 26: Maryland
  • August 7: Michigan, Washington
  • August 11: Hawai’i
  • September 4: Massachusetts
  • September 6: Delaware
  • September 11: New Hampshire
  • September 12: Rhode Island
  • September 13: New York

Today, we’re kicking it off by announcing our endorsement of two NEW champions, an incumbent on the east coast and a new candidate on the west:  Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-MA-4) and Candidate Katie Porter (D-CA-45).

Congressman Joe Kennedy III is a young, upcoming progressive leader. He knows the importance of protecting and conserving the environment because he understands that every issue is connected and affects us in some way.  He serves on the Energy & Commerce committee, and he’s voted favorably on every vote related to national ocean policy, offshore oil drilling, climate, monuments, fracking, clean energy and clean water. We can count on Congressman Kennedy to be a solid champion for our oceans in Congress.

Candidate Katie Porter has pledged to take on big oil and the corporate polluters to stop offshore drilling and will fight to invest in renewable energy development, support high emission standards and save important environmental protections. 

“I am proud to have the support of Ocean Champions because fighting for clean and healthy oceans is a top priority for me and for the constituents here in CA-45. In Congress, I will fight Trumps’ disastrous offshore drilling plan, protect Orange County’s coast, and defend clean air and water standards,” said Ms. Porter.

Lend your support today and vote the ocean this November. We need more ocean champions in Congress in order to pass good ocean policies and to protect our hard fought ocean victories. Joe Kenney and Katie Porter are two such champions. We are grateful for all of your support over the years. Now, together, let’s make the biggest impact we can this election.

Vote The Ocean,

David Wilmot, Ph.D.
President and Co-Founder